CRM Data Migration: Arts and Wiles of the Process [Part 2]

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CRM Data Migration: Arts and Wiles of the Process [Part 2]

Earlier we offered you a short-list of advices that helped you to prepare your CRM database for the migration process. After getting rid of useless and duplicated information, you have categorized records and off-site copy of your data. So, it is a perfect moment for kicking off the CRM data migration process.

Moving from one CRM platform to another has a number of hidden pitfalls. In case, you feel a bit green about data migration, these tips and tricks will help you to cope with this process effectively and accurately. Here you can find a list of possible ways to move your CRM data:

Script: Extraordinary Approach

Your company is ready for CRM migration and has chosen a desired CRM platform, but you are still delaying. You can hire an experienced web developer, CRM expert who will write a unique script specifically for the migration of your pair of CRM systems.

Advantages: By means of this method you can maintain the privacy and security of your data.

Disadvantages: However, the price of a skillful web developer is nearly $200 per hour. Besides, the script writing as well as the migration process, will take up to 10 hours or even more. So, if your company can use such money and time amount for CRM data migration, you may hire a CRM professional whenever you like.

Spreadsheet: Stream into Work

Spreadsheet is a well-known way for business calculating and planning. However, you should keep in mind that every CRM platform has a certain amount of customization. So, you have to double check the fields of your current and new platforms. The spreadsheet requires a well-thought plan of export/import.

Advantages: You may import your CRM data by a simple copy/paste method.

Disadvantages: This procedure is heavy manual and time-consuming. Besides, if you have no technical background or coding skills, CRM data migration may be a quite challenging process.The incidents of records loss are common for this copy/paste method. So, the vanished records may end up in pulling out of the deal or even tearing out the deal. Apart from money loss, you will acquire unfavourable reputation as a partner.

Automated Service: a Window of Opportunities

Not so long ago, an automated CRM migration across various CRM platforms was a wish of Aladdin's lamp. Due to the advancement of technology, new unparalleled options continue to appear. Trujay is one of them. The service provides a user-friendly interface and requires no technical skills.

Advantages: The solution may migrate such CRM modules as accounts, contacts, leads, tasks and opportunities. The procedure of data switch is fully automated and lasts up to few hours. Apart from hands-off migration, the service guarantees 100% uptime of your current CRM platform. You also may see how your transferred data would look like on new CRM platform by means of performing free demo migration.
Disadvantages: This SaaS can facilitate your CRM data migration and maintain relations between modules, but because of CRM customizations Trujay won’t move all your records. So, some of your information should be entered manually.

As you can see, there is a number of ways to move your CRM data that has its own peculiar features. Consider these tips carefully, before you choose the way of your CRM migration and make sure that your new CRM platform is armed at all points with relevant data.

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