CRM Data Migration: Considerations under the Question Marks

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CRM Data Migration: Considerations under the Question Marks

When the companies decide to open up the new business possibilities and implement the more advanced solutions, they often overlook that CRM data migration is one of the largest efforts. Even though the process seems pretty simple - starting from extracting to importing the records, it can easily turn into a complicated project. The proper planning and testing can ensure a successful data transfer and further CRM implementation. The key questions to answer as a part of transition include:

1. How to prepare your data for migration to a future CRM solution?

A well-structured information is a guarantee of the straightforward and cost-effective migration process, so data cleansing plays a critical role. Go through your database and delete inconsistent, irrelevant or redundant items. The duplicates should be merged or removed, the lost opportunities or past due tasks closed, and seldom used fields eliminated.

2. Should you run a backup before CRM data migration?

One of the main preparations steps is getting a backup of the existing records. Eliminate a risk of the information loss or file damage. Besides, determine whether the destination CRM system provides a possibility to download the items into CSV files.

3. Should you consider the security regulations during CRM data migration?

Before starting the transfer initiatives, check out if you have the required access permissions and whether all stakeholders provide their official approvals.

4. How to find a right tool for data transfer?

Among the several techniques of performing CRM data transfer, many companies tend to select an automatic mode. The specific tools are designed to move the information swiftly and securely, and an automated migration service Trujay is the one to consider. The SaaS can move your records to some CRM systems, like Salesforce, SugarCRM, Insightly, Hubspot CRM, Bitrix24 and others, completely hands-off and without copy/pasting.

5. Do you have to perform a test CRM data migration?

Before initiation of transition, it is advised to perform a trial run to:

  • check if the service satisfies your requirements
  • get a rough estimation of the time the process takes
  • determine the bottlenecks and eliminate them before the migration.

So, Trujay enables you with an opportunity to see the process in action by providing a useful option of a free Demo Migration.

6. Why consider data mapping as an essential component of a transfer?

Once you’ve decided what records to keep and identified the structure of your company’s future system, the next step is data mapping. In other words, you have to define a way data will come from and to a destination point where the information will go.

Note: the various CRM may have similar modules and fields, yet the relationships in the current platform may differ from those in a new one.

7. How to prepare your team for a smooth CRM data transition?

The staff adoption is one of the most complicated steps towards a successful CRM project. Try to equip the users with the required tutorials before the data transfer. Ask the employee’s for feedback to monitor where everyone in the company is with CRM, and what issues you should help them to solve.

To conclude, considering CRM data migration as a thorough and time-consuming process can hold you back from revealing the new opportunities for your business growth. Put the efforts to ask yourself all questions above to avoid any unexpected hesitations during a transition.

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