CRM Data Migration + Deduplication: A Perfect Combination of Business Growth

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CRM Data Migration + Deduplication: A Perfect Combination of Business Growth

There’s little chance that the idea of CRM migration might be started up abruptly. The reasons that prefaced the business data transfer across platforms run into a few irrevocable issues. Let’s figure out what exactly tempt you to make a switch:

  • You’ve been using your CRM platform for more than 5 years, and there are more than 2 new version updates
  • You spend major resources on CRM support. It may occur when you are running on-premise deployment.
  • You are considering data migration when you just have the old solution that lacks intuitive interface and only complicates the team work.
  • CRM switch might be on your agenda if your system is overwhelmed with the outdated, dirty data like duplicates, unnecessary information, similarly entered fields, etc.

Now, we should focus on the last-mentioned point:

how CRM migration may fix the duplicates issues

and change your business course for the better.

The Source of Duplicates

Speaking about CRM dirty data, it may come from different sources including any technical or human impacts. For instance:

  1. Your employees fill in the information in different ways, so it comes down to double message sending to the same person, missing calls, or other incomplete work. It means that your team is using various CRM markers that should be unified and restricted in accordance with the uniform rules.
  2. The administrative and software automation rules might cause CRM data duplicates, for example, automated lead assignment.
  3. CRM data duplication might occur during platforms switching when both source and target systems are in use.

All the mentioned before proof-points obstruct your useful data managing that gears down your business development, team building, and revenue growth. After all, let’s figure out how the combination of CRM migration and deduplication with Trujay will improve the quality of recordkeeping and company-customer relations in general.

Automated Data Deduplication: Panacea for CRM Migration

The primary characteristics of automated migration service simmer down to fast and accurate data transfer that requires no coding and human interaction. Apart from this, before making a switch and during migration itself you may actively use your new CRM platform for business running or making your team find out more how to work with the brand new system.

So, coming closer to the matter, the CRM migration with Trujay starts from the following steps:

1. Source and Target CRM Details

You should specify your source and target CRM platforms details at the migration wizard. Make sure all your data stands securely during transfer and all the information is used for migration purpose exclusively.

2. CRM Data Deduplication

When you pointed out your CRM information, it’s high time to delve into data deduplication possibilities. So, in general, Trujay has developed a mechanism that detects the data replications both on source (existing) CRM platform as well as on target system. Deduplication option is used to get rid of unnecessary information at your database to keep only relevant and adequate information for effective business workflows management.

How Trujay Deduplication Option Works CRM data deduplication is an additional free option and works for the following CRM modules:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Leads

The process includes 3 various strategies that are available in separate modes:

  • Replace plan covers the substitution of the target record with the source one. It looks like the following: We have ‘John Doe’ account at the source CRM and the same record at the target platform. In this case, Trujay replaces the existing record with the only needed info during migration process so you can avoid data duplications.
  • Merge strategy means that records on your source CRM will be combined with the target data after CRM switch. For example, you have again the account ‘John Doe’ that includes the related website URL on your existing CRM, while on your target system you have the same account but with the email details. So the deduplication option merges both information after CRM migration.
  • Leave strategy is a deduplication method that allows you to cancel the migration of the peculiar records that already exist on target CRM. In this way, Trujay will migrate only this information that doesn’t replicate on the target system.

You might apply specific deduplication strategy to accounts, contacts, and leads separately, as well as test how both CRM migration and data deduplication work running a free Demo Migration.

3. Start Full and Clear Data Transfer

When the Demo Migration is complete, and you evaluate the process of data switching and deduplication, you might initiate the full CRM conversion. After that, Trujay migrates your business information to a new CRM solution getting rid of replication. In most cases, the migration process takes approximately a few hours and no business downtime.

So, this is the way of fast and accurate CRM data deduplication during platform switch. After all these technical shades of company-customer relations improvement, you might delve into data management process itself. Define the strict rules of information entry for your team to avoid duplicates in the future. Also, renovate your business workflows and enhance the pipelines.

All in all, don’t waste your precious time and start your free Demo Migration to your dream platform and check out how CRM data deduplication option works. If you have any question on how to get prepared to CRM migration, you may always drop a line to our CRM expert and consultant to get all the information.

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