CRM Data Migration: Hassle-Free Shift to Your Company Prosperity

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CRM Data Migration: Hassle-Free Shift to Your Company Prosperity

In constantly evolving business world, the question of performing or not executing the CRM data migration is faced by a number of organizations. It’s a lot like the apples and oranges decision. The sweet crunch of the former or the citrusy taste of the latter? In case you have an acidity problem, it is recommended to avoid the oranges. If you experience some dental issues, keeping the apple away can be a wise move.

So, before deciding on CRM data migration to a new platform, you have to acknowledge the main reasons of the switch and be sure of your decision. Capterra CRM industry research indicates that the companies of the various shapes and sizes switched from the current platform to new one due to the following reasons:

  • tool fell short of the valuable functionality;
  • CRM was no longer evolving;
  • platform became too costly;
  • system didn’t fit the size of the company anymore;
  • software lacked the efficient support;
  • solution was too hard to use.

By and large, in case you experience some of the above-mentioned CRM problems, then it is time for CRM data migration to more elaborate and effective platform. Since the configuration and customization of the CRM systems make the data transfer complicated, time-consuming and expensive, let’s explore the best way of data import to save efforts, time and costs.


CRM Data Migration: Checklist of Must-Dos

To assure the secure and successful records transfer and exclude any unexpected downsides, it is recommended to get ready for the transition and complete the several activities ahead of time. Consider the following actions before running the migration project.

1. Perform CRM data cleansing

First of all, understand the structure and maintenance rules of your database before deleting any data. You should identify the main records types to ensure the relevance of the migrated items. Then, exclude the redundant and incomplete modules from your CRM, as well as merge or replace the duplicate entities.

2. Run a backup

One of the primary pre-migration steps is to eliminate a risk of the file damage of the records loss. To that point, it is recommended to prepare a backup of the current database. Or see why it is so important to export all of the data.

3. Select the right migration tool

Among the several methods of performing CRM transition like copy/pasting or programming, a number of organizations tend to choose an automated way. The specific services are designed to transfer the CRM records accurately, swiftly and securely, and Trujay is one of them.

4. Launch a test CRM data migration

Before initiation of the relocation, it is suggested to perform a trial run of the future transition to:

  • explore if the migration tool fits your business demands;
  • get a rough estimation of time the transfer takes;
  • identify the potential bottlenecks and exclude them before the procedure.

5. Perform the data mapping

Once you’ve decided what records to move, and chosen the tool to migrate, the following step is to map the fields and users in accordance with your company needs. In other words, you should determine a way data will come from and to a destination point where the records will go. However, keep in mind that the different CRMs can have similar fields, yet the relationships in the existing system can vary from those in a destination solution.


The team adoption is one of the most complicated processes towards the successful CRM implementation and configuration. Equip your colleges with all required information and tutorials before the CRM data migration. Besides, ask for the feedback for tracking their achievements, so you can reward or help them solve any issues.


How to Perform CRM Data Migration Automatically?

As it was mentioned above, lately many companies want to migrate completely hands-off and use an automated migration service Trujay. The SaaS helps you perform the data transition fast and accurately with the help of the following functionality:

  • Guaranteed data privacy. Eliminate a possibility of any data loss with security regulations and sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
  • Data security. Exclude the possibility of any data loss with security regulations and sign the Trujay Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • Uptime of both platforms. Exclude the interruptions of business processes and downtime of the current and future solutions.
  • Free Sample CRM data migration. Check how smoothly everything is going to work with an automated tool and run a test transfer version.
  • Free Sample CRM data migration. Check how smoothly everything is going to work with an automated tool and run a test transfer version.
  • Free Sample CRM data migration. Check how smoothly everything is going to work with an automated tool and run a test transfer version.
  • Fields and Users Mapping. Map the modules on your own in accordance with your organization requirements.
  • Efficient technical Support. Make sure to have an experienced guru that can help you solve any issues during and after CRM data migration.


Salesforce Data Migration in a few Steps

Now, when you have got acquainted with the benefits of Trujay and ready to perform data import, you should proceed with the next steps to perform CRM migration effortlessly.

As the pre-transfer planning and preparation are essential to the successful data import,

you should take a few actions before migration to Salesforce. So, analyze and filter your data, learn more about and perform a backup, announce the employees about the upcoming change and perform the next steps:

1. Go to Wizard and start one-page sample migration right away. No registration required. Specify your existing and future CRMs by providing the required credentials. When all is done, launch free Sample migration. And don't forget to mention your email before starting free Sample migration so we can send the results there. Notice. At the very first time, your data fields will be mapped automatically according to the most common logic.

2. Evaluate the sample results and if you are satisfied with them, choose an insurance plan and complete your CRM migration.

In case something went wrong, you want to change migration options and set up mapping by your own, press "Change options".
Select items you’d like to migrate to your new CRM platform. Check the corresponding boxes to migrate your accounts, contacts, tasks, opportunities, leads and notes together with the related activities such as calls and events. After that, map every data field to set up the right connections. When all is ready, procced with Sample migration again. Keep in mind that you can change mapping and re-run Sample migration for free as many times as needed.

The service will transfer all your data without any hassles and business interruptions so you will be able to get to work right away as well as implement your post-migration actions.


Post-Transfer Suggestions

After the most difficult steps are finished, it is recommended to complete a few more activities for successful rolling out of the new CRM system:

  • check whether all migrated items are accurate and in the right fields;
  • set up the workflow rules and reporting;
  • equip your colleges with all required information and tutorials about the platform.


Pulling It All Together

Even though some business owners consider CRM data migration as complex and time-consuming procedure, the above-mentioned hints can convince you to perform a task and help you simplify the process.

If you want to try out a new CRM solution, you can do that by importing some amount of your data into the desired platform by running a free Sample Migration or estimate data migration price first. If you nned personal assistance on data import, do not hrstitate to get in touh with Trujay experts.

Don't wait up, start using a CRM solution today!

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