CRM Digest: Alluring Review of Hot Issues

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CRM Digest: Alluring Review of Hot Issues

In the world where technology updates and unexpected events became a part of business running, you should always keep a pulse on the informative and instructive posts. The efficiency of CRM system has been proven with the growth in revenue and ROI of sales and marketing processes, besides, it also put customer relationships on a new scale. However, this industry continues to improve so check up our CRM digest for reading can’t-miss posts.

#1 Does CRM Suit Your Company?

The heating discussions centered on the finding out which type of an organization can take the most of using the CRM solution are still going on. Usually, it is presumed that CRM may work just for large business and big enterprises. However, Sameer Bhatia in his article ‘CRM Isn’t Just for Major Companies’ at the Inside CRM Blog has busted this cultivated misconception. Apart from reasoning the value of CRM for small businesses, the author provides various statistics results. If you still doubt platform adoption, this post will help to come up with a final decision.

#2 Connection of the Incentives and Sales Reps Success

Sales managers are the inevitable part of business and CRM system enables them with a range of tools for outstanding performance. Additionally, vendors incorporate into the company culture various incentives to guarantee the success. In this CRM digest, we advise you to take a look at ‘Rethinking Sales Incentive Management’ by Oren Smilansky at Here you will find experts’ insights and few workable tips for boosting your sales performance.

#3 Automate or Not Automate: That Is the Question?

The automation is one of the must-have features of CRM solutions that is looked by business owners. Yet, there is another issue - what processes should you automate? Alessandra Ceresa in her post at LinkedinMarketing Automation for Beginners: More Automation = More Customers’ suggests a couple of hints for setting up this option and gives some pieces of advice on data gathering.

#4 Data-Driven Marketing and Investments

Recently, there appeared a new trend in business called a data-driven marketing. Despite, it is efficiency and more wisely decisions less than 20% of companies use it. Moreover, with data-driven marketing, you may calculate your ROI on campaigns precisely. At you will find Neil Davey’s post titled ‘How to Understand the ROI of Your Data-Driven Marketing’.

#5 Does Your Security Have Enough Strength?

Last but not least post of this week CRM digest is the security issue that bothers a lot of businesses who own cloud CRM. James Bourne in his post ‘Security Failing to Keep Pace with Cloud Technology Adoption, Report Finding’ at enables with statistics and experts’ consideration about this issue. So, take a look at this post and figure out what you should expect from the cloud solutions. It is quite hard to go hand in hand with the changes and modernizations. The major aim of CRM digest to keep you aware of the recent posts and informative updates about CRM, data and business management. In case, you want to be aware of latest updates of industry, you should subscribe to Trujay newsletter for receiving practical tips on a weekly basis.

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