CRM Digest: Explore the Hottest Posts

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CRM Digest: Explore the Hottest Posts

These days are really hot and sunny, and we all feel that the vacation is looming on the horizon. However, the business world never sleeps, and looks for improvements, as well as employs the innovations. Our CRM digest is going to route you through the interesting and useful posts appeared in the web last week.

#1 Privacy Policy vs Customer Trust: Is Your Data Really Private? (The New York Times)

Due to the web and various technologies, companies easily collect customers data and track their interaction, search histories and downloads for their advantage. That’s improves marketing performance, but their clients have no idea about being under the microscope. So, we start our CRM digest with the post ‘Sharing Data, But Not Happily’ by Natasha Singer at the New York Times. This article describes the rising conflict over data privacy as long as the survey results showed that lots of customers are concerned with their private information and how companies collect it and use or even sell it. Spare a minute and check this post out.

#2 Do You Need Data Analysis Team? (Enterprise Apps Today)

Information, data and endless collection process. But what are you going to do with this records next? Read and throw away? Or analyze? If you need some tips for effective data analyzation, you should read Ann All’s post ‘5 Lessons for Data Analytics Ninjas’ at EnterpriseAppsToday. Here you will find real stories and pieces of advice offered by analysts and CIOs.

#3 Improve Your Strategy with Customer Retargeting (Forbes)

We have reached the middle of our CRM digest, and at this point let’s talk about the value of big data for marketers. Perhaps, you have noticed the cookie-based ads that appear at the side bars of your social media profiles. Savvy companies decided to use this option within their CRMs for retargeting their existing customers, so they kill two birds with one stone - reuse the collected data and engage the existing clients. To figure out more on this topic, you should read ‘CRM Retargeting? The Next Way of Big Data Utilization for Marketing’ by Daniel Newman at Forbes.

#4 Get into One Rhythm with B2B Customers (Salesforce Blog)

Nowadays all buyers are digitally-acute and filter their mailboxes, as well as the information they come across in social media. Brian Walsh in his post ‘Meet Your Buyers Where They Are: Differentiating How You Sell in A Digital Economy’ at Salesforce Blog provides you with a shortlist of workable hints for responsive communication and productive engagement with B2B customers.

#5 Make Your Customers Feel “Right” (Gartner)

Finally, the cream of the crop of this week CRM digest is an article offered by Rob van der MeulenCustomer Experience Needs Vision” at Gartner. The whole point of this post is reviewing of CX from 4 angles that critically changes the mode of product or service delivery. You won’t regret the time spent on this reading as you will find out how to improve your business strategy and performance with practical and workable hacks. The technology and customers demands are evolving and constantly changing, so if you want to get useful and practical information - subscribe to Trujay blog and you will receive refined and interesting posts on a weekly basis.

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