CRM Digest: First July Blast of Helpful Posts

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CRM Digest: First July Blast of Helpful Posts

In the midst of summer somebody pictures the vacation, and somebody derives an inspiration and implement actionable modifications for revenue growth. This CRM digest is a good source for generating workable strategy, and better business process flow management. Even if you have a great time and lie somewhere on the sandy beach, take a few minutes to look through our review to be aware of the latest posts and new ideas for business growth. So let’s go!

#1 Strategy Building in the Digital World

We start this week CRM digest with a general topic that bothers nearly each business owner - planning. Usually, we hear a lot of emphasis on the vitality of well-thought strategy for succeeding in business performance. And each company or organization has objectives and goals that require some tools and approaches to route them to awaited ends. Tim Cooper and Mark Purdy in their post “A Framework for Strategists Assessing Emerging Markets” at Harvard Business Review, overview the variety of new markets of different countries as new and economic opportunities. They also suggest a scheme that will help to calibrate your strategy and become more competitive in your industry.

#2 Get Your Own Private Cloud

SaaS has opened a lot of possibilities for small and midsize businesses, as well as developed the spectrum of customer communication channels for large enterprises. However, there are various types of cloud technology that differs mostly in security levels. So which one is more convenient to adopt - private or public? Check out James Bourne’s interview post with Rani Osnat, a VP strategic marketing at CTERA heading “Public or private cloud storage? The industry’s growing so quickly, you can have both” at, and get a deeper insight into the cloud storage industry.

#3 Top Performances in Marketing Automation

As an integral part of CRM, marketing automation facilitates processes of lead generation, campaigns management, and brings valuable input into company revenue. Have you ever interested how other businesses succeed with this tools? July CRM digest highly recommends you to take a look at “The Ultimate Marketing Automation Statistics Overview” by Jordie van Rijn at

#4 Social Media in B2B Marketing

The conception - social media channels workable only for the B2C businesses is busted by Gartner survey for Marketing Leaders. And they predict that in the nearest future, B2B companies will run real-time campaigns and event-triggered tactics. To figure out more details read Heather Levy’s post “The Push to Real-Time Multichannel Marketing” at

#5 Do You Build Loyalty Program Correctly?

We all heard about the fact that the costs on a new customer is higher in 5 times than for an existing one, as well as you need 20 times more expenses to get the client back from your competitors. So the well-though loyalty strategy is equally important to a new lead generation project. At, you will find Jennifer Rice’s post “The Customer Experience Portfolio” that provides you with helpful directions in establishing the right market segments and relevant offers. Check out our CRM digest and improve your business with the latest and workable approaches. You can also subscribe to Trujay blog newsletter and receive practical posts right to your inbox.

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