CRM Digest: Getting Insight into the Latest Posts

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CRM Digest: Getting Insight into the Latest Posts

We all get used to the instant changes in business and technology innovations, yet it is sometimes hard to keep pace and read all the alluring and useful posts that appear on the web. So, check out our CRM digest and be aware of the most interesting articles of the last week.

#1 Does Worth it to Run Business in the in the Cloud?

The word SaaS is considered as a trend and buzzling word. Thus, the growing number of organizations adopt cloud mode of businesses running and, furthermore, some companies develop their own private clouds. This week the post ‘Why Your Private Cloud Will Fail’ by Matt Asay at opens our CRM digest. Author dwells on the differences and benefits of public vs private cloud, as well as provides some experts’ suggestions.

#2 How to Manage Big Data Culture in Marketing?

Nowadays marketing managers should be savvy and broaden their expertise in the big data analysis. Due to the instant growth of records, companies consider overall adopting of data-driven processes. To find out what does it mean for marketers, you should read Neil Davey’s article ‘How Do You Create A Data-Driven Culture in Your Marketing Team?’ at

#3 Figure Out the Role of Marketing in Social CRM

Another post in our CRM digest devoted to marketing shows the value of social media as a powerful leverage for business processes and company trending. So, social CRM appeared as an effective tool for creating more channels and touchpoints with customers in B2C, as well as in B2B strategies. ‘So, What is Social CRM Marketing?’ by Billy Lyle at reveals the essence of successful and responsive marketing within CRM and social media.

#4 Customer Experience As A Secret of Competitiveness

Recently businesses get into the trend of adopting customer-centric strategies, and use as many communication channels for interaction as they can find. Mike Hughes brings the light on this issue in his post ‘Why Customer Experience Is Key to Your Competitive Advantage’ at

#5 Issuing Data Migration Process

The fast development of companies and customers’ requests drives organizations for switching their data from spreadsheets and outdated legacy systems to more advanced. The simple transfer of data won’t bring productivity or improvement. That’s why CRM digest suggests you to read Lionel Grealou’s post ‘What’s the Big Deal About Data Migration?’ at Linkedin where you will find out some tips for preparing your database for achieving successful switch. Willing to be in the loop of the latest updates and breakthrough hints for business development? Then you should subscribe to Trujay blog and receive the hot issues and useful hints on a weekly basis.

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