CRM Digest Minute: Be First to Read the Latest Posts

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CRM Digest Minute: Be First to Read the Latest Posts

In today’s digital world, the profitable business running became more complicated. Thus, the high-end technology with its constant innovations enhances this issue. In this CRM digest, we are going to examine the most interesting and practical posts on CRM and data management, sales and customer service points.

#1 Spreadsheet vs CRM Solutions: Which Will Improve Sales Performance

The effectiveness of customer relationship management systems has been a buzzword for a quite long time. Nevertheless, lots of companies store their data in spreadsheets finding the implementation of CRM tempting but too risky. David Gillman busts these misconceptions in his article “New Policies or New CRM? When Band-Aid Solutions Won’t Cut ItAnymore" at

#2 Can Data Advance Your Sales?

Usually, the vitally of data is the key for marketing managers not for sales reps. Yet, the focus of the CRM solutions is placed on the improvement of sales performance. So logically, there is raising a question - What advantage can your sales team get from the data? Max Altschuler dwells on this topic in his post “How to Improve Your Sales Process with Data” at

#3 How to Achieve Relevancy of Analytics

Continuing the theme of data management, the next issue of our CRM digest deals with analyzing and reporting problems. Many solutions offer out-of-the-box and efficient analytics tools. Thus, they rarely work as you suppose they will. So what is the root of this issue? In the article "Analytics Fails? It’s Probably Not a Technology Problem’ at Linkedin, Stephen R. Robinson covers the main reasons of deficiency and suggests some tips for preempting further missteps with analytics.

#4 Personalization and Customer Satisfaction

Statistically, the levels of loyalty and clients’ satisfaction are pretty low, and companies fail to meet the customer expectations. Obviously, the technology outbreak changed the course of requirements, but businesses got the solutions for managing these issues effectively. This situation led to the increasing popularity of customer-centric practices. Robert Wollan brought about this issue in his article "Tapping the Switch Economy" at

#5 Expenses on Customer Service

In this CRM digest, we also would like to take a view of your employees, and customer service managers in particularly. The staff turnover seems not a big problem. Until you run your business with CRM when, on the one hand, the worker quits, he or she can ‘take some data’ and on the other - a new employee requires a training course. Adam Methew provides a few pieces of advice for cost reducing and enabling better working environment in his post "Is the Frequent Customer Service Team Turnover Costs You Billions? Tips to Overcome the Issue’’ at MyCustomers.

Every change and update are hard to track so the main objective of this weekly CRM digest to provide you with a set of posts valuable for your business running and growth. If you want to receive the latest news and tips on CRM technology, subscribe to Trujay newsletter and you will get the useful CRM insights every week.

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