CRM Digest: Something More Than Coffee to Get Moving

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CRM Digest: Something More Than Coffee to Get Moving

The smell of the summer is in the air, but if you are not feeling hyped up for the hot season yet, our weekly CRM digest will route you through the most interesting posts on CRM, data management and business processes improvement up to this date. To make your work more efficient, you should take a closer look at these articles.

#1 Mount the Challenges of Big Data

This CRM digest is going to start with the issue that bothers every organization and industry, as well as spurs them to evolve and become agiler - this is the problem of unstructured data. The amount of information is growing and changing on a daily basis and collecting all the data without a clear understanding what to do with it later - is quite purposeless. In Peter Coppola’s post ‘Unstructured Data: Overcoming Challenges to Reap the Rewards’ at you will find out how to deal with the flow of information, as well as how to get the maximum value of collected records.

#2 Advice to Boost Your Performance Levels

Clearly, your business results depend on the planning, tools and expertise in the processes accomplishment. Modern technology provides lots of various practical solutions, yet without the thought, over objectives, you won’t get the desired ROI from your initiatives. At White&Partners blog, you can find the post ‘Improve Business Processes And Scale Your Company’ by Jeff Whittle. The author gives a brief review of this issue and several tips to managing it successfully.

#3 Business Process Documentation: Does It Necessary?

Reaching the middle of our CRM digest, we are going to consider the value of business process documentation. If you have ever migrated your CRM or implemented some solution, you were advised to document all the actions you had made. But what about the everyday business running? Does it require the same? To figure out the answer, you should read Erin Burke’s post ‘Business Process Documentation: Automate it!’ at CIO.

#4 Tricks of Lead Generation for SMBs

We won’t reinvent the wheel if say that to have high sales levels; you need to have quality customers. However, how to get these clients? You need to run effective lead management. You will say ‘It is easier to say than to get it done’. That’s why we suggest you take a look at ‘How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Lead Generation Practices’ by Brigitte Linares at and put into practice the pieces of advice offered by the author.

#5 Touching Point of CRM And Social Media

It is not a secret that loyal customer audience and advocacy are the great boosters for revenue rates of any organization. The level of loyalty of your clients depends on your service quality, offered buying experience, as well as the channels of communication with customers. CRM solution helps to gather data and facilitate the processes, but does it supplies options for free-and-easy interaction? Michael Vickers helps you to answer this question with his post ‘Is Your CRM System Social Media Friendly?’ at

Check out our weekly CRM digest for new and exciting posts. If you want to get the relevant information on business improvement and CRM industry changes more frequently, visit our blog or subscribe to the weekly newsletter for receiving practical tips directly to your mailbox.

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