CRM Digest: Top 5 Astonishing Posts

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CRM Digest: Top 5 Astonishing Posts

Nowadays, it is hard to surprise audience of business owners with outstanding innovations and technologies. Thus, CRM industry keeps busting this misconception and nearly every week there appear instructive and practical posts with workable hints and solutions to shared issues. So, this CRM digest let’s figure out the major CRM tricks and secrets that will alleviate the tasks and problems of successful business running.

#1 Cloud Solutions As A New, Effective Trend

The efficiency of SaaS technology is considered dubious, and we can find various information - somebody praises it, and others blame it. Numbers and facts are always more convincing. So, you should spare several minutes and read James Bourne’s post ‘Cloud playing a more significant role in day to day work for SMB employees’ at With this article, you will get the insight into the reasons why SMBs prefer cloud solutions and adopt them.

#2 How to Improve Sales Strategy?

Any technology will fail at accomplishment a poor, lack of planning marketing and sales strategies. Moreover, the employees that avoid using CRM blame it for low speed and inefficiency in dealing with daily tasks. In this CRM digest, we suggest you to read Mae Kowalke’s ‘Six Tips for Getting More from Your CRM’ at This post provides you with instructive and workable pieces of advice for improving your performance.

#3 Succeed with CRM Initiative

The figure 6 has some magical effect this week. At you cam read ‘The 6 Secrets of CRM Management’ by Oren Smilansy. The post offers guidelines that will help business owners to implement their CRM, as well as align it to the strategy and personnel for ensuring the effectiveness of the process. Besides, the author provides the experts’ tips to each of the lifehacks.

#4 CRM, Customer Experience and Company Success

Along with CRM, Big Data has appeared a newly-coined term customer experience (CX). This phenomenon holds the secret of profitable business with a large audience of loyal clients. Due to CRM system, companies have more touchpoints with their customers. So, the 4th post of our CRM digest ‘Three CRM 'hacks' for the Age of Customer Experience’ by Robin Collyer at, will help you to learn how to improve your customer strategy.

#5 Growing Value of Data-Driven Business

The flow of the information increases on the daily basis and neglecting or ignoring it drives your business directly to collapse. Recently, more and more companies adopt data-driven strategies for making right, relevant decisions. You won’t be sorry if you read ‘The Alchemy of Turning Data to Gold’ by Michael Dahl at Linkedin and figure out how to bridge the data-shaped gap in your business strategy. For ensuring the effectiveness of your company and having the revenue rates at a raising level, you should be in the course of all latest updates and lifehacks. With this CRM digest, you may have a short walk along the most interesting posts. Thus, if you want to receive the hot news and useful posts, you should subscribe to Trujay weekly newsletter.

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