CRM Features: Fantastic Five to Power Up Your Business

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CRM Features: Fantastic Five to Power Up Your Business

CRM system is a backbone of successful business performance today. And the main idea of the CRM platforms is to simplify building the relationships with customers. Here are a few CRM features that can successfully impact the business processes and bring the desired results: dashboard, automated opportunities, mobile options, social CRM and API Support. Get a closer look at these 5 essential CRM peculiarities before making a significant investment for your organization:

#1 Dashboard: Enhance Business Processes Easily

The panel feature often comes as a standard function in CRM toolsets. When selecting a CRM, ensure that vendor provides flexible and customizable dashboards that are easy to use. As a rule, the dashboard is based on the reports results, so you can see at a glance what’s going on at your company.

#2 Automated CRM Capabilities: Boost Business Efficiency

The sales and marketing teams are free from manual work and can focus on developing customer relationships via multiple channels due to the automation feature. Let’s say a sales rep had a meeting with a client about your service or product and CRM with the automated marketing and sales can integrate with the email platforms and trigger a reminder to follow-up with a customer. The automated feature facilitates the performance, helps to maintain long-lasting relationships, and miss no sales opportunity further.

#3 Mobile: Simplify the Data Access with Built-in Functionality

The native mobile apps supported by your CRM enhance the team communication with the customers plus allows to check out of the office and update their records via various devices. Just a simple example: a sales manager has a face-to-face conversation with a client at a networking event, he needs record valuable information so the team at the office could see these data. Mobile accessibility starts playing a crucial role in time-sensitive business processes incredibly and becomes a must-have for energetic performance.

#4 Get the Valuable Data with Social CRM

Along with gradual market socializing, it is critical to apply social CRM features while choosing a right solution. A social CRM enhances tracking the interactions on the social networks and collecting the useful insights for the lead generation. How about a quite simple example, you find the prospects on social networks and help them solve theirs at the moment issues.

#5 API Integration Capabilities: Improve Company Collaboration

To accomplish a successful communication among the employees, CRM platforms should include the integrated features. API support helps the solutions connect to other tools for a collaborative experience that can boost employee productivity and customer service.

CRM Systems: Must-Have Features Overview

By and large, while examining the CRM options for your business, concentrate on the CRM features above to streamline the decision-making process for purchasing a proper solution. To help you understand how the specific platforms represent some of these tools, let's take a brief review of several platforms:

SugarCRM: Innovative CRM to Build Extraordinary Customer Experience

Works great with the enterprise-level companies and includes the CRM features:

  1. With SugarCRM dashboards, you can observe the personalized sales information displayed on the homepage in the various charts: line, bar, performance, pie, and bubble formats.
  2. SugarCRM email management can integrate with other servers like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. The solution provides an email archiving service that works with the various email applications. You may email directly from the system and sync the contact’s email calendars. Furthermore, schedule, track the activities and manage the projects.
  3. The platform includes SugarCRM Mobile to stay in touch with the clients from any location through all the Apple and Android devices.
  4. SugarCRM integrates the social media on Twitter with email marketing for online collaboration, documents sharing and sales intelligence. You can access the different social CRM platforms right from SugarCRM.
  5. The solution obtains pre-build APIs to easily integrate with other services like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, etc.

Salesforce: CRM Leader Platform to Grow Your Sales

Great solution for the large organizationіs with the next functionality options:

  1. In Salesforce every dashboard has a running user whose personal security settings determine what records to show for other team members. Salesforce allows you to filter up to 50 options and provides just 10 ones by default. One dashboard can obtain up to 20 reports.
  2. Salesforce composer lets you quickly email the critical contacts, send the automatic emails and follow-ups. There are some email templates: create your ones and track them in the deal timeline.
  3. The platform lets you view the scheduled events and get the updates on the accounts on the go. Capture the organizational knowledge in a single location and drive sales from anywhere.
  4. The built-in social tools enable you with finding the experts and sharing the competitive data. The system monitors the people for you to follow based on their activities and interests.
  5. Salesforce provides the integration solutions from the third party providers in addition to a native application Platform as Service (aPaaS) called Also, you can take advantage of the pre-built integrations and applications from the partner businesses.  

Insightly: Intuitive Solution for Company Enhancement

Satisfies the needs of the small and mid-sized organizations and obtains the tools:

  1. Insightly dashboard gives an overview of everything going on in your company starting from the task to the projects and accomplished milestones.
  2. There are 2 ways to automate Insightly processes by using activity sets and pipelines. The first option is a template for tasks that can be applied to a Contact, Organization, Opportunity or Project at once. The Pipeline is a set of several stages to connect to the projects and opportunities.
  3. The platform provides a mobile application to take Insightly on the road with any device in hand.
  4. The social media integration allows you to detect the prospects’ profile related to an email address. See the social media information where the person has participated right in Insightly.
  5. The solution offers the native email integration options like:
  • The Sidebar Chrome extension for Gmail integrates with Gmail and accesses the essential data in Insightly directly from the Gmail account.
  • The paid Insightly plan gives an opportunity connecting to MailChimp account that enables you with exporting the leads or contacts from Insightly to Mailchimp lists. The Plus plan or higher lets you import MailChimp subscriber lists to Insightly as leads or contacts.

Pipedrive: Simple Sales Tool to Expand Business Performance

Admired by businesses of the small and middle sizes and offers the following:

  1. Built around a proven sales pipeline management methodology, the solution obtains the sales dashboard that helps concentrate on the specific performance targets and identify the problem areas.
  2. The system created a sales automation tool with some the automation capabilities. For example, the automation tasks help streamline the support and sales process and enhance the quality of service that your team provides to customers.
  3. The Pipedrive mobile app offers you to take the sales pipeline anywhere. You can access the to-do lists and contacts with a simple search of the name or organization. Furthermore, start the calls right from the system and take advantage of the call tracking feature.
  4. The platform includes the social CRM capabilities to integrate the social data about the prospects as a part of social CRM strategy.
  5. Pipedrive offers a range of the integration options. For instance: using a Zapier add-on makes it easier to sync the data between the web app and lets swiftly import the contacts from other systems like Wufoo and Mailchimp.

Bitrix24: Platform to Increase Customer Loyalty and Business ROI

An option for the small companies that enables you with the next CRM features:

  1. Bitrix24 deals sections include an analytics dashboard. You can quickly switch between the deals list and dashboard pages with the help of top bar tabs and take advantage of the 8 analytical widgets.
  2. The solution easily automates workflow, marketing, and sales processes. To be more specific, you can automatically assign leads to managers in CRM based on the given criteria. Use the systems for any types of approvals: leave requests, expense reporting, purchase requests. Create the tasks for the team members and schedule the calendars automatically. 
  3. Bitrix24 has a mobile application that includes the mobile CRM, intranet, and Human Resource Management System.
  4. The solution helps connect the intranet with your profile in the social networks to authorize on Bitrix24 via these accounts. Use #b24 to place the tweets into the Activity Stream, post clock-in data and completed tasks on the social media like Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Bitrix24 has an open API to integrate with other software. For instance: you may connect the social intranet with HR management and payroll solutions in an easy way.

Now, when you all fired up with required information and decided to migrate to one of the systems above, take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay. Launch a free Demo Migration and explore how your records will look like on a new platform.

A Final Line

CRM features can be attractive, and you may even imagine how they will benefit the company, but the purchase decision should be based on the 5 essential functions mentioned above. Take the information into consideration and build the unique approach to CRM.

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