CRM for Logistics: Apply Proven Strategy to Business Growth

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CRM for Logistics: Apply Proven Strategy to Business Growth

The digitalization of the business life brought tools and revealed the space for accelerated development into nearly all industries, and logistics isn’t the exception. During the last years, this industry division underwent the great changes and had successfully cornered new niches in the market due to the established value-added services. Thus, the key challenges stayed the same - on time delivery and safety bother customers and companies cross-globe.

CRM technology continues to take the more fast pace of development. Currently, specific industries look for the convincing proofs for getting the higher ROI and customer audience with CRM implementation. Despite the thoughtful strategy, the business processes can’t be improved by the IT team. As a result, CRM for logistics keeps drawing the attention of vendors willing to stay viable and enabling the effortless and outstanding customer service.

Meeting the Needs of New-Age Customers

Logistics service providers (LSPs) work on establishing more interaction channels with their customers as long as the primary objective is to gain and retain the client. Apart from offering on-time service, predictable delivery with short-order processing and competitive pricing, LSPs look for advanced project and opportunity management, built-in quotes and queries, as well as get the full view of customers.

With CRM for logistics, LSPs can renew their strategies, get insight into the value of actual and potential clients, strengthen marketing and sales performance, as well as estimate the efficiency and ROI of projects for further planning and forecasting.

Efficiency of CRM for Logistics

The growing amount of data became a challenge for LSPs. Moreover, this industry takes care of

  • storage, warehousing and cargo handling services,
  • transportation via internal waterways, maritime, air, rail and roads,
  • courier services, and
  • auxiliary services (packaging of spare parts, maritime packaging, piece selection, container design, transport documentation, etc.)

So, for gaining more clients, these companies employ different channels and extend the number of touchpoints with potential customers. Thus, there are 3 main aspects that facilitate business running of LSPs with CRM:

  1. Service quality includes query, requests process and easy complaints submission
  2. Order length reducing by means of pickups and booking
  3. Opportunity management for handling and shortening the duration of each stage and ensuring the successful accomplishment of transaction

Such option as a 360-degree customer view shows all the possible information you have concerning a specific client (key personal data, opportunities, campaigns, orders and requests) equally visible to each department. That enhances interaction with customers and aids in building long-lasting relationships.

Hints to Choosing the Right CRM Solution

The selection of CRM for logistics is a challenging process. Each industry has a specific needs, so many organizations face a problem with technology and strategy aligning. And many of businesses use the small amount of tools offered by a CRM vendor. Thus, there is a set of functionality that really matters for logistics.

  • Automation of sales and marketing processes
  • Optimization of the workflows
  • Lead and contact management
  • Customer service and segmentation tool
  • Real-time analytics and customized reports
  • Collaboration and build-in document sharing options
  • Project, campaigns and order modules
  • Integration and synchronization abilities

CRM solutions provide the tools for calculating ROI of each performed activity, so such deep insights allow to detect the weak areas and make nearly instant improvements. In logistics you may take a great advantage of Salesforce, Zoho, Bitrix24, and Insightly.

Summing it all up, CRM platforms facilitate the processes of planning, designing, implementing and performing the customer-centric rolling outs and initiatives. If you still dwelling on the adoption of CRM, download this free ebook Make CRM Investments Foolproof. Best Strategies for ROI Increase and figure out how to develop your business with CRM.

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