CRM for Marketing: Master Unique Business Needs

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CRM for Marketing: Master Unique Business Needs

Today, CRM implementation is associated with a tool for compiling information, analyzing data to gain the dependable leads, and building the successful customer experience. However, CRM for marketing has the power to simplify these time-consuming tasks and take your business plan to the next level. Here are 3 ways how to benefit from incorporating a CRM system into the marketing strategy:

#1 Increase Team Awareness

Some of the essential CRM features are to offer the visibility of where the leads are in the funnel, as well as raise the awareness of sales and marketing activities. The platform can alert the sales managers about upcoming marketing events like email campaign. Besides, your reps can get informed about the important actions the clients have taken. For example: if the prospects have registered for a webinar, the sales managers can send the personalized reminders.

#2 Ensure Consistent Messaging

CRM for marketing helps ensure your messaging is consistent. In case the potential customers have already subscribed to a newsletter, there is no need to invite them again. However, if the clients are regularly visiting your webinars, it is a sign for the reps to call and invite them to attend. Knowing the past and current customers’ behaviors can help you create the targeted content and prevent from sending the mixed messages.

#3 Improve Client Engagement

With the help of CRM, you can start to acquire the better understanding of the prospects. For example: a customer attended the webinar. When the client was followed up, you found out about dissatisfaction. In this case, you can turn off the indicators that might invite them to the similar events.

CRM and Marketing Agencies: A Perfect Match

Marketing companies constantly involve technology into their working process. However, a recent study indicates that only 45% of advertising organizations use CRM. To help you understand a real value of CRM for marketing agencies, consider the following advantages:

  • Manage leads and opportunities. Capture new leads from emails or Web data and intelligently pursue the right opportunities.
  • Measure business success. Measure wins or losses and pinpoint problem areas that can be enhanced with CRM reports.
  • Personalize the email marketing. Use CRM for personalization and automation of your marketing. Reaching customers with relevant messaging will drive customer engagement and enlarge business possibilities.
  • Drive exceptional social experience. Connect marketing and sales with social media marketing tools. You can engage and analyze data from the various channels and automate social workflow.
  • Get everyone on the same page. Make sure the entire business activity is captured in a single database. The platform provides the visibility into the up-to-date data about existing accounts and prospective clients.
  • Engage with mobile messaging. Go cross-channel and extend your marketing strategy by using mobile for email and social campaigns. Use messaging to reach the clients anytime and anywhere.
  • Manage ads that win. Exploit prospects’ information to enhance the advertising and ad campaigns. Power up the client acquisition, re-engage inactive customers and align advertising with every channel.

As you can see, CRM is more than a way to manage your data and organize the sales activities. By aligning your sales and marketing strategies, each customer interaction becomes an opportunity to strengthen your existing and future client relationships. Since CRM systems started to include more advanced marketing capabilities, a number of agencies try to improve business performance by migrating to the desired CRM platforms. To find out the most popular options of CRM for marketing, check out the following list of solutions:

  1. - call, track emails, automate data entry.
  2. Highrise - share tasks, notes, email history, and contacts.
  3. Insightly – generate reports, manage emails, events, contacts, and leads.
  4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM – drive social insights and business intelligence.
  5. PipelineDeals – engagement tracking, lead organization, shared reports and sales views.
  6. SugarCRM – automate core sales, customer service, and marketing processes.
  7. Salesforce – manage contacts, track opportunities.

So, if you are interested in moving your data to one of the CRM solutions mentioned above, an automated migration service Trujay can help you transfer the records fast and securely. The SaaS provides you with an opportunity to map the CRM fields on your own, and have the total control of modules mapping. Besides, you can take advantage of a free Demo Migration to see the process in action.

Let’s talk about how we can work together.

Cut to the Chase

The marketing-driven CRM system is becoming the true accelerator of balanced work between departments, employees, and clients. As a root of customer engagement, the platform can help you create the unique customer and marketing experience, and enhance the business productivity.

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