CRM for Strategic Planning: Simple Way to Outline Future Goals

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CRM for Strategic Planning: Simple Way to Outline Future Goals

When the companies implement CRM systems, their primary goal is to benefit from the “customer” and “relationship” aspects of the new platform. However, you often overlook the full potential of the platforms’ “management” capabilities. Of course, CRM was initially designed to gain insights into the sales pipeline and clients buying preferences. But today’s solution can perform far more. CRM for strategic planning became a core technology in building the future business activities by:

  • configuring consistent sales processes leading to increased revenue;
  • coordinating marketing campaigns across multiple channels;
  • understanding the future demand and direction of the business.

Before starting to set the new business priorities, outline plans for growth, determine a product roadmap or make the investment decisions, you have to understand a real value of CRM for strategic planning.

Data as a Part of Business Plan

Nowadays, acquiring insights from analyzing the large volumes of the internal and external information can be game-changing for your organisation. The proof is a recent McKinsey analysis that states: heavily relying on data for marketing and sales decisions can boost the business ROI by 15-20 percent. So, leverage the power of the data in the strategic planning by:

  • Organizing the Information

CRM for strategic planning can help you organize and analyze the massive amounts of data in one place. Since a huge number of records is coming to your business through various channels, the solution simplifies managing this volume of information.

  • Sharing the Data within an Organization

The expectations of customers regularly arise, that’s why your entire business should have access to clients’ details for providing a level of the demanded service. Plan your future business strategy with CRM that lets you break down the information silos between departments and share data across every channel within the company. For instance: the marketing managers can reach out the sales records and vice versa. This way each department can observe and analyze the insights to determine the business objectives and build future strategies.

  • Optimizing the Sales Funnel

With the help of CRM for strategic planning, you can manage the pipelines of opportunities. Using the key metrics, you are able to keep tracking of a number of opportunities in the sales funnel and gather intelligence on factors contributing to wins and losses for each project. Besides, the solution helps identify possible value of the deal in the funnel, the average percentage of closes and more. All this helps produce the insights to reveal the plan for exceeding the future revenue milestones.

  • Maintaining the Marketing Activities

Many companies use CRM as a single location for storing and managing client’s marketing activities. The solution saves you the substantial time when planning the further marketing campaigns. You can easily find all required data on the past behaviors, analyze and move forward with more personalized undertakings.

  • Using the Analytic Tools

One of the principal CRM strategic advantages lies in the ability to analyze the data using the predictive features. The analytics can help to segment clients into groups according to their preferences, past behaviour and as a result foresee the future trends. Also, you can receive a real-time analysis of the business problems from various perspectives. This helps you get a holistic understanding of the business situation for improved decision-making and build the strategic planning across the sales, marketing and customer service.

Choosing a Right CRM for Future Plans

The highly competitive CRM environment has emerged in the recent years, the solutions started to obtain more advanced capabilities for the strategic planning. As a result, some companies try to enhance the company's performance by migrating to other platforms.  

Among the most popular choices are platforms that can fulfill the above-mentioned requirements: Salesforce, SugarCRM, Insightly, and Bitrix24. To complete the migration process effortlessly, you may take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay. Since it is SaaS, you can benefit from the valuable features of data mapping and a free Demo Migration.

Final Words

The strategic planning is an inevitable part of the business success that intends to accomplish 3 important tasks:

  1. clarify the outcomes that a company wants to achieve;
  2. select the broad strategies to help an organization achieve those desired results;
  3. identify ways to measure progress.

As you can see, CRM plays an inevitable part of planning and building your successful business strategy. The platform enables you with accomplishing the essential objectives by simplifying the decision-making process.

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