CRM for Travel Agency: Take A Straight Route to Business Upgrade

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CRM for Travel Agency: Take A Straight Route to Business Upgrade

Taking into account all breakthroughs in technology, we expect that our travel agent will create a magical atmosphere for flights, destination entertainments, and other services. Yet, if the company disappointed us, we will share our experience in the social media. Nowadays many people trust peer reviews and recommendations more than another type of ads. This is just the tip of an iceberg of issues faced by travel brands. Definitely, we live in the anti-utopian world, but there is a workable solution for handling a lot of problems as well as building brand-new relationships type with customers. It’s a CRM developed specifically for a travel agency.

Insurmountable Business Issues of Travel Industry

Like most of companies and organizations, travel brands look for the solution that will prop and improve the critical 3 processes: maximize revenue, minimize costs and boost the quality of customer experience. The colossal amount of data to analyze that changes nearly every minute clearly demonstrates the burning need in CRM for a travel agency. To prove the efficiency of this suggestion, let’s briefly review what are the common problems shared by organizations within this industry.

  • storing customers, vendors and partners data in different places excludes the transparency of the business process flow and sets you back from offering the relevant and timely services;
  • sales and marketing departments work in different directions what complicates the performance, decreases the quality of service and makes the collected data invalid;
  • analyzation of your performance delivers hit-and-miss results and, therefore, gets you out of the new ways for upselling and cross-selling existing customers and prospect clients in future;
  • separate systems for invoices and payments receiving creates mistakes in receipts and does no good for growing your loyal audience, but causes rather vice versa effect.

Efficiency of CRM for Travel Agency

What is a CRM and how it can improve my business? Quite logical and constructive question. To put it simply, CRM is a blend of strategic approaches and tools for advancing the large-scale and complex processes. In the travel industry, this technology connects a travel agent with a customer and a vendor simultaneously. Doubtfully that we can find a travel brand that doesn’t look for an actionable mode of converting cold leads into bookings and loyal customers. With the features offered by a CRM for a travel agency, you can easily handle heavy manual tasks and run well-documented processes. 1. Exploring client ecosystem. CRM enhances customer data capturing, addresses management and social media monitoring provides the insights into motives and preferences of your prospect (nearest airport or station, frequent destinations, and other details concerning service requirements). 2. Advanced company database. Keep the information archives in the order and benefit from the quick access to

  • service histories,
  • preferences of segmented customer groups,
  • service bookings,
  • loyalty program and points gained by the existing customers,
  • survey reports,
  • invoicing and payment histories, and
  • company performance analysis.

3. Project management for itineraries. This option allows you to store all related data, tasks, bookings with the documents and receipts, trip details, communication history of a specific customer in a single place. With this information at their fingertips, your sales reps can find paths to exceed customer expectations by relevant cross-selling and up-selling. 4. Pros of marketing automation. Using the gathered data and social listening (available due to CRM integration with social media), you can plan targeted, personalized, direct campaigns. Relevant offers delivered to your customers and prospects in time will have a high response level and, therefore, more warm leads for your sales department. 5. Demonstrate your analytics effectively. Multiple dashboards, as well as standard and customizable reports, facilitate the understanding and analyzing of successful and ineffective activities, demonstrate the performance levels of each department, team, and worker during the time boundaries you select. As you can see, CRM will help you to make your service more friendly, professional and competitive by tools that manage your data, connect different departments and provide clear transparency of records, as well as help to track the invoices, payments and run your itineraries more effectively. List of CRM usually used for travel agencies:

P.S. For those, who look for more information about CRM system and its functionality, will discover useful facts in a free ebook “Customer Relationships Management System. Outlining the Efficiency”.

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