CRM History: How Business Prodigy Was Born

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CRM History: How Business Prodigy Was Born

It is common knowledge that we all became stronger and wiser during years, as well as got life experience through making errors. The same story is about CRM systems. It was not so robust and effective for business when it just appeared. It took customer relationship management software almost four decades to live up to all changes, forays, and shakeups. So, let’s outline the CRM history as a lifetime of an average person.

First Steps of Baby-CRM

1980’ was a decade when first CRM system appeared. The early version has no standalone features and opportunities, as well as couldn’t offer seamless data integration. It was rather a customer database with a challenging user-interface. The most peculiar and tough feature was to track, find and update the records. However, it provided customer service teams with the ability of straightforward interaction with clients.

So, if you wanted to see immediate results of using CRM system, you should have been really patient.

CRM Toddler Discovers the World of Technology

The information and technology revolution of 90’ has completely changed the route of market development. Customer relationship management system got its name - the acronym CRM - in this decade. The software improved the client's information exchange and offered clients buying history. CRM became functioning as a dual system. Except gathering information, it made attempts to build up a client loyalty by providing gifts, discounts, and various perks.

However, there were two main problems: the high price of CRM and poor products quality that enlarged the number of discouraged clients.

CRM as Inventive and Troublesome Teenager

Becoming a teenager, CRM was able to offer an improved database that now could be managed from different aspects. The business owner also could take the advantage of off-site storage. The departments didn’t burn the midnight oil by completing the endless reports. The sales teams acquired an innovative opportunity of automation of selling processes. CRM offered a hefty and well-equipped tool set for staff managing and collaboration.

But, there was a time when CRM history could come to an end. The dot-com boom was the hard hit that had almost driven out CRM out of software industry paradigm. Nevertheless, in the middle of decade cloud-based solution became a turning point in the CRM’s life. It was praised for an affordable price and more useful options but was criticized for lacking customization opportunity. The principal achievement was the ability to track clients’ needs, interests and provide more qualitative service.

Conscious Work of CRM Adult

Today CRM software became the efficient and self-recommending system that makes the routine business processes a success. This complete and matured software provides its users with such abilities as sales and marketing automation, generating new leads and segmentation of customers, high-level client’s service, and support. Apart from seamless synchronization of the data, you can increase the uptime of your company by mobile access tool. As long as social networks became an inevitable part of our life, CRM allows you with critical insights and customer behavior on the web. Your workers’ interaction and collaboration with clients bring the rise of revenue. An opportunity to create and set up workflow rules offer monitoring and tracking of departments and processes performance.

As a conscious and experience person, CRM empowers its users with powerful analytics and forecasting ability for sound project planning and efficient cost investments. However, the software continues growing and has a broad scope of improvement.

So, you can see that CRM history is quite short but very diverse and events-rich. The software has a long road from a clients’ database to a robust system that offers a tandem of business process and communication with customers. The affordable price and a high level of customization of both cloud-based and on-premise solutions winning more vendors and business owners.

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