CRM Lead Management: A Backbone for Revenue Boost

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CRM Lead Management: A Backbone for Revenue Boost

In a perfect world, every person you talk to is an ideal candidate to buy your product or service. Imagine, you know exactly what the potential customers want and how to win them. All you have to accomplish is to provide the right information earlier than your competition.

While this kind of utopia can remain a dream, modern technology is helping you enhance business processes, and streamline sales experience. CRM lead management is not an exception and the inevitable part of the successful business running. With that in mind, let’s define the main aspects and benefits of the process to help you achieve the desired results. 

What is Lead Management?

Lead management is a procedure of tracking and managing prospective clients starting from generation of leads, closing the deals and building the long-term customer relationships. Occasionally referred to as customer acquisition or contact managements, it comprises the following processes:

  • Lead Generation

The companies build the client’s curiosity and inquiry into their products or services through a set of marketing activities. For example: blog articles, white papers, social media posts and promo campaigns, and others.

  • Customer Capture

When the clients respond positively and show interest by clicking a call-to-action or signing for a newsletter, etc., their data gets recorded. This process creates a lead.

  • Filter, Grade, Distribute

You can sort leads by the validity of request, prioritize based on the chance of becoming a client and transfer the clients’ information to the sales managers for efficient contacting.

  • Lead Nurturing

The process indicates the developing relationships with customers at every stage of the sales funnel, and through every step of the buyer’s journey. For instance: you can classify the leads depending on sales stage they are in. Accordingly, you may place these leads into the drip-marketing campaigns, or followed-up by the call.


How to Benefit from CRM Lead Management?

Now, when you understood that lead management facilitates the business profitability through the procurement of new customers, check out 3 reasons to consider the process as a part of CRM:

#1 Sales Focus

CRM lead management enables you with easily access the required information about the prospects. This way you can spend more time on selling, instead of cold calling and lead chasing.

#2 Trending Opportunities  

CRM reporting capabilities allow you to spot trends in sales by segmenting customers into the diversity of categories. The procedure helps you determine the potential customers’ requirements and sell the appropriate product or service.

#3 Data Uniformity

CRM provides an opportunity to keep all information in one place. So, an each contact profile is available for all the sales managers. Besides, the customers’ information is documented and managed in the same way. When the time comes to approach a lead or prospect, the reps know exactly what data is available and where to look for it.

How to Convert More Leads with a Right CRM?

Among the variety of CRM systems on the market, some companies have difficulties of finding a suitable solution with the effective lead management options. We outlined 3 efficient platforms to help you make a decision:

HubSpot CRM

  • system enables you with automatically publish emails, recorded calls, and sales notes to a contact’s timeline. Find the information fast and easy to personalize your follow-ups.

  • solution's dashboard helps you observe how many calls were made, emails sent, meetings held by each sales manager. Spot productivity and pipeline trends across the particular period of time, and drill into the details to make sure the essential activities are being completed on time.


  • rich activity timeline let you access the most up-to-date contact data to understand best practices using Sales Path. Observe from where a marketing lead comes from, monitor the relevant insights you act on, write the emails right from CRM solutions.

  • system provides an opportunity to track campaigns across all channels like social media, referral, organic, marketplace listings, etc. Make smarter decisions about future investments, and observe an impact of your marketing activities on your sales pipeline.

Zoho CRM

  • pre-defined workflow rules allow you to assign leads to sales managers based on geography, product, or department. You can also use round robin queues to guide leads equally and optimize follow-ups.  

  • track the ROI of leads from different sources. Key performance indicators like conversion ratios, cost per deal, and more give you concrete insights about how to enhance your campaigns.  

So, if you want to streamline CRM lead management capabilities and think to migrate to one of the platforms mentioned above, Trujay can help you perform a data transfer effortlessly. The SaaS offers you the beneficial features of modules mapping to in accordance with business requirements. Explore the unmapped fields, select the available options and map the items. Besides, you can try a free Demo Migration to check the process in action.

Let’s talk about how we can work together.

Boiling It Down

The well-designed and managed CRM lead management is a backbone for the revenue growth. The platform allows you handle each stage of lead processing – acquiring leads, evaluating prospect value, as well as finalizing deals and managing customers.

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