CRM Migration Plan: Overcome Perils of the Process [Part 3]

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CRM Migration Plan: Overcome Perils of the Process [Part 3]

CRM data migration is a common, if not necessary step towards the growth of any business. However, the process can be complicated and come across some challenges. The successful data switch depends on the thorough planning of the migration steps.

To help you with a plan, let’s highlight the essential suggestions that might be helpful in creating CRM data migration checklist.

#1 Outline the Main Stages

Document your plan and set up a flexible schedule. Put the most difficult decisions upfront and address them in accordance with their importance. For instance: how many records require cleaning, and when this process should take place. Moreover, the transfer duration should be captured to calculate the length of the procedure.

#2 Identify the Size of Your Database

The migration project can’t go too far without the thorough analysis of the records. After data cleaning is complete, determine how many items should be transferred. The procedure defines the starting point for the data quality and reveals the potential pitfalls. Furthermore, you can determine the original schedule of the switch or cause to be revised.

#3 Map the Data

Before setting up CRM data migration, it is important to define what records will be migrated and where they will be placed at the new CRM. This task is referred to the data mapping. The step is important in the overall process and might be time-consuming.

The CRM systems are diverse, and the differences of data schemas can be substantial. Even though your current and future CRMs may have the similar modules and fields, the relationships in the existing solution may vary from those in the new one. For instance: an Opportunity can be related to several Accounts in the old system but only to one Account in the future CRM.

Plan to determine the current field for every destination field in your data mapping process. Note: document all the entities and fields, be diligent when creating your data map.

#4 Prepare Data Backup

CRM records are the core of your future database, eliminate any possible information losses during the CRM migration process. It is highly suggested to create a backup of company database and keep it even after the switch is complete.

#5 Choose the Right Tool

There are a plethora of instruments on the market that can manage the transfer between CRM solutions. A part of your CRM data migration plan should be reviewing what is suitable for you and select the best one for your business processes. First of all, you should answer the following questions to finalize the decision:

  • How many records will be migrated and can the tool multi-thread the procedure?
  • Does the software include the deduplication option?
  • Are there pre-build maps to use or custom maps necessary?

In this line of thought, take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay. The SaaS enables you with switching the data fast and securely without any copy/pasting or programming. The solution offers the deduplication and mapping options to transfer the items in a more efficient way.

#6 Test CRM Data Migration

When everything is ready for a switch, and the final step of actual transfer should be taken, try out your migration tool to exclude any unexpected results. Trujay provides you a beneficial feature of free Demo Migration to see the process in action. This validation work can help you identify the additional changes in your migration plan, e.g. making the adjustments in the database.

Final Point

CRM data migration may be a rigorous and time-consuming process depending on the amount of data you have and complexity of the platforms you have selected. Put an effort on building the migration plan in the first place to avoid the issues after the switch.

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