CRM Migration: Set the Lead Time to Reach Success

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CRM Migration: Set the Lead Time to Reach Success

Today, our business world is driven by an enormous amount of information. While the majority of companies already use some CRM software to store and analyze the data, a lot of organizations have never dealt with migration projects. Accordingly, many users skip the thought of moving to a new system as they are afraid of the process complexity regarding efforts, costs and time. Others are guided by the misconception that the transfer is a simple procedure in just a few clicks.

Thus, in this article, we would like to go over the main stages of the data switch and figure out the approximate time frame for a maximum planning of the transition as well as a thorough implementation of the new solution.

Get Ready for CRM Migration ~ 30m - 3 hrs

               Doing Research ~ 2hrs

To save time in the future, it's important to prepare for the CRM migration of your current solution carefully. First of all, you should analyze and optimize your data. In this case, you can consult with your sales representatives regarding your contacts and other records as the managers know the importance of each client.

Be sure to migrate. If your organization has been on the market for an extended period, your data may contain the old contact details or past essential negotiations. This type of info can be essential for future business operations and communication processes. Accordingly, it is suggested to migrate such kind of details to a new system.

Might be left behind. In case your database include historical information like outdated appointments, completed phone calls or meetings, you might not need it for further business actions. These items can be handled separately and indicated as closed activities.   

Furthermore, if you don’t want to switch all the data at a time, showing the criteria to filter the records during CRM migration is important. In Trujay practice, the majority of the companies tend to transfer the items by:

  • Date (setting the given period)

  • Relations to specific records (for instance, all the contacts related to tasks)

  • Some contacts that are connected to a particular user.

Hence, if you are the company owner or head of the sales department, there are no difficulties to examine and identify the way to migrate the items. As you are acquainted with all your business processes and database, usually the procedure of analyzing the information should take you around 2 hours.  

               Secure your data ~ 1 hour

To prevent the unexpected outcome and any data loss, it is suggested to prepare a backup before the migration. Usually, the process is not time-consuming and can last to 1 hour.

               Instruct your employees ~ 2 days - 1 month

As the staff adoption is one of the complicated parts of the implementation process, you should try your best to equip the users with needed information and tutorials. Depending on the CRM type, it can take from couple days to 1 months for your workers to study and start using the platform to its full potential.

Configuration And Migration Time Frame ~ 2 hours - 1 month

After the preparation stage is over, the next issue is to choose the tool to accomplish the project. In this case, you can take advantage of an automated migration system Trujay. The service can help you transfer the information in 4 easy steps and totally hands-off.

The tool is specifically designed to determine the mapping of the appropriate fields and migrating the records together with relations between them. Also, if you are willing to perform any other custom tasks, you can complete them with the help of Trujay technicians.

So, the online converter can help you complete the switch in a secure way spending no more than several weeks. However, you have to keep in mind that the time of the transferring depends on the complexity of mapping and the level of customization options.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to CRM migration, you should be ready to meet the challenges of careful preparation, actual data transferring and some additional team coaching. However, if you take all the tips and tricks above into the consideration, the process of moving can be less time-consuming and painful. In case, you want to learn more information about an automated migration service Trujay, contact our expert for useful insights.

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