CRM of Things: 7 Primary Aspects to Transform Your Business Landscape

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CRM of Things: 7 Primary Aspects to Transform Your Business Landscape

Today’s businesses would like to mine data from the different resources to receive the useful insights about customer behavior for segmenting their markets and target the campaigns more efficiently. Accordingly, Cisco states that 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020 and CRM will play a primary aspect in empowering the organizations to deal with today’s digitally savvy clients.

The several years ago the Internet of Things gain hold in the consumer environments. Becoming more firmly entrenched, IoT is leading to many more innovations across the board, including a new idea called the "CRM of Things." So, let’s explore the main facts of the concept and learn the key benefits of it.

How the Internet of Things Influence the CRM?

Some business owners are starting to think that CRM systems are the software of the past. In other words, the companies consider customer relationship management as an outdated thing and pay attention to the social media platforms that can provide you with better insightful information. Yet, with the innovations in IoT, CRM is all set to transform the business landscape in the following way:

1. Enrich CRM Profiles

Сonsolidate the different forms of structured and unstructured data into profiles that design a multi-dimensional view of the client. Transaction information can be merged with social media insights, data from connected devices and other sources to assure the prospects’ records are updated.  

2. Align Costs with Business Needs

Gain the real-time info about the availability of products or services and use it to your advantage by adjusting the prices instantaneously. Lower or increase your price models to get an edge over your competitors or when demand far prevails the supply.

3.  Customized Marketing Campaigns

Explore what clients are interested in buying your product or service to build the efficient marketing promotions in accordance with their preferences. In this case, you can enhance the desired business results and increase ROI since you won’t be targeting the individuals who are not too enthusiastic about what you offer.  

4. Real-Time Analytics

Use IoT to get the real-time data regarding the marketing campaigns, competitor costs, etc. This can help your business swiftly adapt to exceeding market trends. So, you can skip the worries about any delays in collecting information and building the actionable strategies.

5. Improve Automation

Use a possibility to avoid the friction from the client engagement procedure and automate customer responses based on live feeds of machine-generated data. Since the connected devices automatically communicate with your organization's tech stack, you can easily lift up your CRM automation.

6. Complaint Free Client Experience

Solve the customers’ issues before they notice them. Since the devices are connected to the internet constantly, you can automatically discover the malfunctions and take the required actions.

7. Boost Customer Retention

Track the client’s behavior with the help of IoT to avoid losing their adherence. Instead of customers contacting you, the support team should reach out to them to discover any problems or dissatisfaction. Offer the special deals and discounts to such prospects for encouraging them to stay loyal to your business.

As you can see, the CRM of Things is the great technological evolution of the platform. So, in case you are interested in the more advanced CRM and want to move the data to the desired solution, take advantage of Trujay.  The SaaS transfers your data without any programming skills and copy/pasting. Also, you can benefit from the next capabilities:

Pulling It All Together

To sum up, IoT is a big paradigm move forward, and CRM is at heart of it. If you understand the key advantages of the CRM of things that are mentioned above, you can easily accomplish the business objectives and improve the company performance.

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