CRM Predictions`19: Top 12 to Be Aware

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CRM Predictions`19: Top 12 to Be Aware

The 2018 year is becoming closer to the New Year day-to-day. That means it is a high time to take a look over the past year, analyze its pros and cons, and search forward the further business possibilities. Therefore, it is recommended to examine every chance that can help to increase your company.
Nowadays, it is a well known and undeniable fact that CRM use is an indispensable part of any company success. So, analyzing CRM perspectives it is possible to foretell business development in general.
That is, pay attention to CRM Predictions`19 announced on Gartner Symposium 2018, be aware of upcoming trends, achieve and keep the leading positions.

Notice. The following article is dedicated not only to CRM predictions but to attached things too. It is strongly believed that those top ten strategic technology trends will keep significant influence not in 2019 only, but for over following five years.

Top 12 CRM Trends for 2019

1. Self-ruling Things
An artificial intelligence (AI) is keeping leading positions in CRM predictions for several last years now. And it seems that those seats will be unbreakable until the technology advances, to transform itself into something even more progressive. So, according to Gartner foresee a switch from the stand-alone AI things to a combined network of all the intelligent things like robots, drones, or self-governing vehicles. That will empower those AI to interact with both environment and surrounding people more naturally.

Speaking about how it will influence CRMs, must admit that automation and AI is a driving force that pointed CRM importance. It can collect and analyze tons of customer information to enable sales and marketing teams to predict customer demands. Furthermore, the automation based on those predictions can engage right leads by sending proper messages at the proper time. AI-powered CRMs can investigate organizational patterns to enhance workflow.

By the way, AI increase was foreseen for every past few years, so CRM predictions`19 is not an exclusion.

2. Expanded Analytics Possibilities
Continuing the Artificial intelligence theme must be said that it can be used (and probably will be) to increase human skills and capabilities or automatize them.
That is why Gartner looks at the augmented intelligence in terms of augmented analytics, as the result of using machine learning. That will help to observe and analyze how the content can be developed, applied, used, and shared through mainstream adoption. So, the organizations will be able to optimize decisions, the employees' activities, and team performance based on robust statistics yet not just on analysts and data scientists thoughts.

3. AI Development Increase
As the AI increasingly influences the scientific and technological progress during its development, the need to have lightweight tools that can be used by developers grows incredibly fast. Therefore, Gartner predicts that by 2022, 40%  of app development teams will have AI co-developers within the companies.

4. Dividing a market
The development of cloud CRM makes CRM giants to take care of their position in the market more attentively. The reason is that hundreds of platforms, never known before, took a place there. That is when consolidation happens. Big and experienced companies take leadership over smaller vendors to achieve both enhance themselves with new features and help newbies market players. Therefore, big CRMs will cover most of the market by having solutions for any company size, budget, and industry.

Have to notice that cloud platforms will keep and increase leading positions because they are more affordable and flexible than installed software. According to CRM predictions`19, it will grab 68% of all CRM platforms.

5. Empowered Edge
The information processing is possible thanks to Edge computing, content gathering, and its delivery as close as possible to the sources and information stores. Gartner predicts that the mentioned processes will be driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) over the next five years. Therefore, the capabilities will be intensified by specialized AI chips, 5G, superior processing and storage possibility, and more.

6. Immersive Experience
A wide use of Internet of Things blurs the border between physical and digital world. That blearing happens over all the border from platforms for talking till expanded, virtual, and blended reality. It changes the way people perceive the digital world by combining their perception and new interaction models that will lead to improved user experiences.

7. Enhancing Blockchain Technology
Blockchain announces the industries reshape by implementing decentralized trust, ensuring transparency and lessening resistance between business ecosystems. So, according to CRM predictions`19, many CIOs will explore and apply blockchain if they haven't already. To the word, such CRM giant as Salesforce sees blockchain as a great possibility and develop own the products in this direction.

8. Smart Spaces
Let's start with the definition. So, according to Garter, Smart Space means a physical or digital ecosystem where people can interact with technology-enabled systems. The outstanding feature is that the interplay will be more open, combined, coordinated and creative. If you want to see where the “smart spaces” are applied right now, take a look at smart cities and houses, digital workplaces, and associated factories.  

9. Ensuring Digital Ethics, Security and Privacy
It is far not a secret that ensuring ethics, security, and privacy always worried most people, businessmen especially. The modern world becomes more and more digitalized, so the mentioned points raise concern for everyone from separate organizations till governments. According to Gartner during the following years, the primary focus will be put on compliance, risk reduction, and assuring data security in general. So, choosing a CRM system it is recommended to pay attention not only to its cost and functionality but also to its safety. A similar thesis can be applied to the data migration service while you are going to change the platform.
So, migrate with Trujay and be sure that all your business information is in safe.

10. Quantum Computing
Probably you think it is something like science fantasy. However, have to say that the technology is evolving faster than most can even imagine. Right now the developers can build and launch quantum computing apps through a cloud environment. By the way, recently the researchers confirmed the advantage of quantum computers above the classical ones. So, taking into account the CRM predictions`19, it is time to begin monitoring the new technology, which probably will get adoption by 2022 or 2023.

11. CRMs will Be More Collaborative
CRM systems are famous for its possibility to improve the customer experience which is a key to business success. So, the best platform can enable a company with collaboration and information sharing possibilities to deliver superior service to clients and increase productivity.

12. Seamlessly Social
The social CRM market is going to reach $10 billion in 2019. And it seems it will. SM is like a wonderland for sales and marketing to engage new leads and customers. However, it is not that easy as may look like. There are tons of data that have to be to be navigated, and this can’t be done only manually. So, the automation plays a significant role here not just to analyze data but to actually engage users.


It is well-known fact that good CRM should be authentic, organic, customizable, useful, and not tough for your budget. It is predicted that customer experience will overtake the product and cost as the key differentiator by 2020.
Therefore, taking into account mentioned CRM predictions`19, it is recommended to invest in CRM if you are not on board yet.
In case you use CRM yet want to change it to another one, transfer a part of your real data to the desired solution by running free and secure Demo Migration powered by Trujay.

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