CRM Productivity to Maximize Business Profits in 2017

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CRM Productivity to Maximize Business Profits in 2017

Many companies have an idea that CRM system is a great investment for managing customer relationships and improving sales. However, the organizations tend to forget that CRM is also a valuable tool to enhance business’ processes, sales tracking, and collaboration. Take a closer look at the CRM to find out the main aspects of CRM productivity.

Make Your Marketing Efficient

By using the records collected in the database, you can offer certain products or services to your customers more strategically. Launch the marketing campaigns and pinpoint the potential clients. Segment your database by criteria. This will help you refine the marketing message and assure it reaches the targeted audience.

Improve In-House Communication  

You can measure CRM productivity with the benefits derived from the team communication. Sharing the essential information between the different departments put all employees on the same track and provide a higher standard of customer service.

Create Efficient Customer Experience

CRM allows you to handle the sales, marketing, and support activities to improve the client satisfaction. Gain a better understanding of the prospects’ preferences to increase their loyalty. The devoted customers will share their positive experience about your product or service and provide a free word-of-mouth advertising for the company.  

Measure Team Performance

A well-structured CRM should include the reports to analyze the performance of every employee. For instance: the platform can follow the actions made by sales rep through each stage of the sales cycle. This will show you the opportunities for improvement, point out which worker needs training to correct insufficiencies, and restructure the sales teams to achieve higher results.

So, you identified some essential points of CRM productivity. Many companies find challenging to choose the solution that comprises their requirements. Here we provide a brief review of Salesforce, SugarCRM and Zoho will help you make a decision:

  1. Salesforce fits the needs of enterprises:

  • This cloud platform helps you engage in email marketing and manage the campaigns across various channels including social media.
  • Salesforce allows you share files with your team in a secure manner. Keep track of the information within database ‘likes”, @mentions, following, and comments. As well as get the notifications if some of the records have been updated.
  • It enables you with the ability to create the detailed customer profiles and access the required client’s information at any time.
  • The platform includes the dashboards to show company’s KPIs and customizable reports for the successful business planning.

2. SugarCRM attracts the organizations of all sizes:

  • Solution allows you to create, execute and track campaigns through multiple channels. Develop email marketing programs and capture leads directly with the web-to-lead forms. Besides, you can assign the leads to the sales managers and track ROI of marketing campaigns.
  • SugarCRM provides an ability to manage users in teams and groups. This helps share the same responsibilities and work together on projects.
  • The platform’s customer support handles the clients’ issues swiftly and effectively.
  • Sugar's Reports allows users to build, generate, and manage reports for modules such as Accounts, Contacts, Calls, etc.

3. Zoho is designed for the small and large businesses:

  • This CRM focuses on building the relationships with your customers by automating your marketing with email workflows and autoresponders.
  • Zoho has the ability of the document sharing to facilitate the interaction among the employees.
  • The platform offers the Customer Support & Service management like Cases (Trouble tickets), Solutions (Knowledge base), Case Routing & Escalation through workflow rules, and easy to implement Web-to-Case forms for capturing client-specific issues through websites.
  • Zoho Reports allows you to upload data from the spreadsheets, web or traditional applications. You can create the reports and dashboards with an easy drag-and-drop interface and share the information across the team.

Now, when you fired up with the must-have features to boost your CRM productivity, think if your solution includes the functionality mentioned-above. In case your platform lacks some capabilities, take a chance and migrate to Salesforce, SugarCRM or Zoho.

How to Perform CRM Migration?

To complete fast and secure CRM transition, use an automated migration service Trujay and benefit from the following features:

  • Privacy and Security. The SaaS excludes the possibility of any data loss.

  • CRM Uptime. The service eliminates the interruptions of the business processes. The solutions will work properly during migration.

  • Data Mapping. Trujay wizard allows to explore the unmapped fields, choose the available options and map the items. Note: in case the records on the existing CRM don’t include the equivalents on the destination one, create the custom fields and transfer the entities. If the future CRM lack the opportunity to access the custom fields, a Service Package helps to fix it.

  • Demo Migration. Check the process in action and run a free Demo Migration. Some records of the chosen modules may not be moved as the contacts or accounts are randomly selected for the transfer have no relations with other entities.

  • Deduplication. Clean out the unnecessary information. With the help of Trujay, you can analyze and filter the information before migration. The Service package offers this opportunity. If you have the additional questions, contact our sales manager.

Final Upshot

To stay competitive in the business environment, the organizations try to facilitate the company processes with the right software and improve CRM productivity. The solution gives your business the power to master the customer relationships and enhance the sales. So, take your time and choose a platform to fit your business requirements.

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