CRM Reports: Meaningful Insights into Business Process

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CRM Reports: Meaningful Insights into Business Process

Undoubtedly, the prerequisite of prosperous business is the stretch goal, solid team, and reliable control system. In this way, CRM software plays the role of a comprehensive solution for holding the keys. Traditionally, business owners enjoy the detailed and profound analytics as well as a reporting system that provide the solid ground for a company grows. Yet, CRM reports are the personalized tool, and its effectiveness depends on the data quality and conditions you set up.

Obviously, it’s hard to achieve a completely pure database, but CRM allows you to synchronize and update it in real-time. It is also advisable to input the same definitions for custom fields and schedule a constant data revisions.

Despite the fact that analytics is a customizable feature, all CRM reports can be distributed into 3 categories

    • employee performance
    • product or service fulfillment
    • customer’s activities

So let’s take a more critical view of these report items.

1. Evaluate Your Staff Performance

The work of your sales and marketing teams are closely-tight with all other business processes. That’s why it is important to control activities and analyze them to see the successful one and exclude the common shortcomings.

Daily Calls Sum Up

Head of sales department should be aware of the amount of made calls during a certain day and the accounts that received that calls. As long as your customers are different, some of them require more often getting in touch.

Daily call report should cover the following aspects:

    • sum of calls
    • planned types of calls
    • lack of specific calls
    • overdone amount of certain calls
    • average call duration
Productivity Scope

These reports deliver an objective amount of calls, conversations, sent emails, product demonstrations and created proposals during a day, week and month. The aim of this summary is to compare the achieved results with planned quotas. So sales representatives should give a summary about

    • the stages of sales cycle that are below/above the plan
    • the activities they are steadily ahead/behind
    • the areas where they are behind/ahead of quota and what impact it has on the further stages of the sales cycle
Pipeline as Shrewd View on the Processes

This report describes a number of leads and prospects that are nurtured by the sales representative at the given period and visualized their position in the pipeline. This allows you to keep track of a number of clients, track their progress via sales cycle stages and see when the deal is dropped.

Long-Range Forecasting

The sales forecast is a document that includes some deals to close in a week, month, or quarter, as well as prioritizes opportunities and helps to calculate the company’s ROI. The accuracy of this report affects the whole organization as long as it depicts some customers that bought a product or used the service.

To achieve awaited or even higher revenue levels, a forecasting report should comprise such points as

    • what months/quarters the salespeople show higher/lower results
    • in what periods of year revenue decrease
    • how many leads added/lost in comparison to the previous month

2. CRM Reports: Quality Metrics

The quality of your products, as well as speed and reliability of your services, affect the income level and staff work. If you are aware of the frequent problems, issues, and extra costs, you will be able to remove these defects.

  • Compliant-Prone Services and Products

Surf the customer calls, emails and surveys for the most common problems and complaints on the product or service. While drawing this report, include the stage where prospect faced this issue, the reason for it and suggestions about its solving.

  • Demanded and Avoided Items

It is important to know what products bring more income and cultivates their further popularity among the customers. As well, you should be aware what items have a low requirement and create an improvement strategy or remove them from your product list.

  • Service Expenses

Service reports count the costs you spend on service delivery and facilitate the distribution of the budget for high revenue levels.

  • Discount and Bonus Validity

Tracking the conversion of clients during a special offer will give a basis for future campaigns and enhance the most appropriate time and place for the project launching. The same trick you can do with the bonuses and coupons and figure out what product/service brings higher income.

3. Focus on Customers

A full view of customer data is a helpful tool. However, you also need to know the level of their loyalty and buying history to segment them and plan targeted campaigns and specific offers.

  • Satisfaction Rates

This type of report is an arbitrary one as long as it is vital for any business to know what products customers like and buy, and what are not. It also draws a strategic list of items that brings more incomes.

  • Client Behavior Factor

You should be aware of loyal customers that return to your company and buy your product or use service. Using buying reports, you will define these clients and tailor special offers for them.

The careful and thorough setting up of conditions for CRM reports will guide your workers and improve their performance and increase the company’s revenue. It goes without saying that every business has its own unique requirements to the analytics. Yet, the awareness of employees’ performance, product/service status, and customer buying habits are important for companies of any size.

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