CRM Requirements Checklist (2018)

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CRM Requirements Checklist (2018)

Approaching to the CRM technology origins, the functionality and capabilities have changed drastically during the last decade. The business world innovations influenced the appearance of new tools and techniques. So, CRM requirements list is constantly modifying and evolving.

Factors Set Out CRM Rolling Out Failure

To understand the reasons of CRM initiatives falling by the wayside, you should come to grips with 3 key aspects of this accident.

  • The first cause deals with the human factor. Many businesses fail in resource planning and ignore the importance of user training. Also, the low cooperation of top management and company departments play in favour of CRM collapse.
  • The second problem is the lack of clear, defined strategy, ineffective tools that limit the view of a customer and process management.
  • The third issue is the technology far from the cutting-edge. Business performance suffers from missing functionality, system integration, and customization.

These shared factors prove that before choosing a new CRM for implementation or migration, you should define your CRM strategy, key processes and tools you need for the goals accomplishment. And on the basis of collected information, draw up your specific list of CRM requirements.

6 Points to Consider Before CRM Evaluation

There are hardly any vendors that can swear in all honesty that in the process of CRM initiative was set up with business framework establishment. Check out this directional list to ensure the clear and relevant aspects of CRM requirements.

  1. Define your business strategy.
  2. Establish framework of your company.
  3. Determine requirements for the system.
  4. Examine the technical aspects and its ability to align with the processes and stakeholders.
  5. Discover the CRM market for the varieties of platforms and options.
  6. Design the step-by-step project plans.

Exploring the Criteria Checklist of CRM Requirements

For selecting the most suitable CRM, you need to evaluate it according to the 3 groups of criteria: quality, cost, and functionality. Let’s specify these benchmarks more precisely.

1. Quality Aspects include:

  • System usability, mobility and integration influence the way you work through different areas of your platform. The abilities of a fast search and breadcrumb trail navigation ensure the easy-to-use and quick to adopt CRM.
  • Security matters are of vital importance. So, your CRM should enable the work groups creation and specific roles assigning. Additionally, make sure that your desired CRM provides you with:

a) data access rules,

b) individual, work groups and roles permissions,

c) restricted project, activity and modules access.

  • Timeliness is another important factor that enhance the tracking time each employee spent on specific task or project. This option allows you to measure productivity and get insight for its improvement.
  • Real-time process monitoring helps to see the updates and changes in each activity almost immediately. Such a bird’s eye overlook of the performance permits to improve the processes when it is needed.
  • As every company has its own mindset and approaches to the process management, one of the critical CRM requirements is the customization abilities for tailoring system to the specific business needs.

2. Cost Criteria to deal with

  • The implementation and maintenance expenses. If you choose the on-premise CRM, you should plan your budget for the powerful hardware to the proper platform running, as well as IT staff for its further support.
  • Expenses on the CRM consultant and employee training for the effective adoption and improving the ROI of the new system implementation.

3. CRM Functionality enclose

  • The dashboards should be intuitive and enable the fast access to the required information.
  • All your mailboxes and other essential add-ons should integrate with the CRM in full scale.
  • The web forms option should be customizable, as well as allow to build the database from the collected information.
  • Effective project management and the standard templates of the default processes with the customization option.
  • The automation of the workflow for the optimization of the everyday processes, as well as alerts, notifications, emails and follow-ups sending out.
  • The analytics with a set of automated reports and the ability to create specific ones.
  • Pay attention to a built-in file sharing option and live-chat for cultivating the teamwork and internal collaboration.
  • Meet the demands of the contemporary customers and provide them with a self-service portal and knowledge base. Make sure that it has some scope for tailoring in order to customize it to your brand.

CRM Migration: Rapid Path to Enhance Business Performance

Finding the desired solution is only one step ahead on the way to the successful data import. You should also find the efficient migration tool to complete the accurate and secure transition. In case you want to save time and efforts, think of using the migration service Trujay and take advantage of the beneficial features:

  • security regulations that exclude the possibility of any data loss;
  • 100% uptime of both CRMs and no interruptions of the business processes;
  • opportunity of fields and users mapping in accordance to the company requirements;
  • a free Demo Migration that allows to explore if the service functions is properly

Take a look at what Trujay clients say about the service.

Boiling It Down

In whatever way you approach to the CRM migration selecting, you will find this set of requirements practical and effective. Besides, the more suitable CRM will adopt, the more effective business you will run.

The nature of CRM data transfer is complex and may have a set of hidden pitfalls. Thus, you can overcome them easily with the automated service Trujay. It handles the cumbersome process without coding, data importing or human interaction. Set up a free demo migration and test it in work.

Find out how your data will look in a new CRM today. Don’t wait anymore, try it free right now.

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