CRM Retargeting: Turn Window Shoppers into Satisfied Customers

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CRM Retargeting: Turn Window Shoppers into Satisfied Customers

Nowadays, CRM is an essential tool that assists companies with everything from increasing their revenue to providing timely technical support. Among the various features, the platform offers the automated responses and marketing techniques that are tailored toward the business’ existing client base.

In this line of thought, did you know that using only one medium at a time (e.g. paid ads to convert leads, then email to save them), you are:

  • losing out the potential for 77% higher email campaign reach
  • missing out the numbers in your email list
  • lacking the plugs for the “leaky buckets’’.

To avoid these coincidences, many companies tend to use CRM Retargeting. Let’s explore the exact definition and the most important aspects of the technique you will be interested in applying into your strategy.

CRM Retargeting: How and Why it Works?

In the world of big data, only 2% percent of the buyers purchase when visiting the online store for the first time. Data retargeting lets you capture the last 98% of the potential clients and get your brand at the top of their minds.

CRM onboarding takes the current offline information and discovers an efficient online use for it. You can attain a targeted audience, improve brand exposure, cultivate consumers and boost conversion rates.

Implementing a CRM retargeting is not that difficult as you imagine. Usually, you can take advantage of the retargeting services. The systems should obtain emails culled from the purchases, newsletter subscriptions or website sign-ups. Then, these addresses are matched to unique users within connected online segments. These prospects are  “cooked” by the CRM retargeting service. The privacy of the individual is protected through anonymization; you can’t link the data back to any other person.

3 Powerful CRM Onboarding Ideas

Take advantage of the massive increases in click-through rates, conversions, and return-on-investment that businesses around the world are experiencing thanks to CRM retargeting. Discover the following suggestions:

Retarget based on funnel stage

While you are using marketing automation, tags and lists that mark current location of the person in your funnel are certainly present in the database. This can trigger the movement to the next stage of the sales cycle.

Let’s imagine you have the information to differentiate who is in which stage, use that data to show various ads to only the individuals in that particular stage.

For instance: the 30 days free trial of some CRM system is utilized in your business processes. When you email the prospects during this period to accelerate the conversion, also display the ads. It is important, as someone who sees both email and advertising is 70% more likely to convert than the one who has just received the letter.

Retarget ‘leaky buckets.'

Each sale and marketing funnel include ‘leaky buckets.' At some point, important contacts got left behind. Working with the information from the CRM about each customer in the funnel, you have an opportunity to retargeting to reinforce all those leaky holes.

For instance: in addition to emails, show the ads to people who didn’t go to the webinar and encourage them to re-register and see the records of the event.

Retarget to re-engage

Get individuals to re-engage by to utilizing data onboarding tactic. It is something similar to the previous technique, except that they originally in your bucket. The prospects are just lying on the bottom of the funnel without a sign to be alive.

For instance: let’s take as the example the prospects who have canceled the subscriptions, not opening your emails anymore, not using your application, etc. How do you re-engage them if they probably aren’t reachable by email? In this case, you can utilize the Facebook ads into your working process.

A Few Tips to Note  

Consider the 3 additional hints that can help you use the data onboarding to its full potential, close more deals, as well as bring your company the desired prosperity :

Implement the Segmentation

To manage the efficient campaign, you should segment the data for direct advertising. So, the simplest CRM segmentation strategy is to separate between non- and converting buyers.

  1. Ads targeted on your existing shoppers can encourage them to come back for more, to purchase the accessories, to subscribe another contract or renew the edition.

  2. Non-converting ones might be targeted with the advertisements making them to return and complete the purchase. It is recommended to focus your ads on enticing the new shoppers. For example, retailers can offer the promotions or discounts to speed up the sale.

Consider the Timing

Time is essential in sales and marketing, especially when you try to sell a seasonal service or product. A client who purchased the flowers last Valentine’s day would start observing ads of your online store to buy something else. Moreover, the clients who almost got the flowers last year might see the advertisements with the 10% discount for the first-time consumers.

Use a Call-to-Action

The most practical retargeting ads comprise a clear call-to-action and promote the offer that is compelling to the prospect. For example: ‘’shop now”, learn more”, etc. At this point, you create a point of urgency and deliver a prompt action.

Bringing it All Together

CRM retargeting gives you an opportunity to multiply company conversions mostly thanks to the customer’s email addresses. Use retargeting as a part of your business strategy and  accelerate the process of closing deals.

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