CRM Software Comparison of 2018: Salesforce vs HubSpot CRM vs Capsule CRM vs SugarCRM vs SuiteCRM vs Insightly

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CRM Software Comparison of 2018: Salesforce vs HubSpot CRM vs Capsule CRM vs SugarCRM vs SuiteCRM vs Insightly
Note. Data on the CRM systems is updated according to the info in 2018 and is relevant.

Keeping up-to-date with your prospects, current customers, contacts and sales team is crucial for any business success. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions assist in tracking customer-related data, such as contacts, emails, calls, growth of sales and deals closure. Having all this information at your fingertips will give you the deep and detailed insights into CRM software comparison as well as customers needs and expectations, the opportunity to personalize your messaging and forecast the consumers buying behavior. In this way, you’ll be able to convert the leads into paying customers, close the deals faster and streamline your sales.

However, the most considerable challenge any business can face is to find a reliable CRM platform which will not only satisfy your needs but also won’t cross your budget limits. That is why it is of great importance for you to become fully informed of the options you have. Thus, we present you an entirely comprehensive CRM software comparison of the most popular and worthwhile CRM platforms including Salesforce vs HubSpot CRM vs Capsule CRM vs SugarCRM vs SuiteCRM vs Insightly, so that you could learn and observe their aspects and peculiarities. Considering such criteria as ease of use, ability to integrate, essential features and price will help you in your decision-making process.


Salesforce CRM is one of the most popular CRM systems on the market nowadays. Over 100,000 of all types of companies (large, medium and small) use Salesforce in order to streamline their sales and close the deals faster.


This CRM is designed to help the business owners track all customer information and interactions in one location to follow more leads, get insights into diverse real-time customer data, create reports, forecasts, etc. Salesforce CRM comes with the mobile app for Android and iOS which enables the sales team to have real-time access to the basic functions on the field or at the office. In this way, it is possible to increase productivity.




Salesforce includes a well-designed interface that meets tser expectations. It is simple, intuitive and easily customizable.


  • SalesforceIQ CRM Starter - automated data capture (emails, meetings, phones), intelligent follow-up reminders, shared address book (the contacts are automatically synced), seamless collaboration, smart mobile apps (Android or iOS), Chrome extension, webinars and web training;
  • Lightning Professional - account and contact management (complete view of customer activity), every deal, event, task details tracking, possibility to run business from the phone, email integration, single sales console app, managing and tracking marketing campaigns, real-time view of the entire team’s forecast, mass targeted and tracked emails, sales data (getting up-to-date information sourced from, Salesforce engage (running personalized sales campaigns), Salesforce inbox (email works on phone or browser without switching), Salesforce CPQ;
  • Lightning Enterprise - multiple sales console apps, advanced forecasting (splits, overlays, etc.), workflow automation, Salesforce identity, Salesforce private AppExchange, custom app development, integrations via API, Salesforce engage (running personalized sales campaigns), Salesforce inbox (email works on phone or browser without switching), sales data (getting up-to-date information sourced from, Salesforce CPQ;
  • Lightning Unlimited - additional data storage, expanded sandbox environments, 24/7 toll-free support, access to 100+ admin services, unlimited online trainings, sales data (getting up-to-date information sourced from, Salesforce engage (running personalized sales campaigns), Salesforce inbox (email works on phone or browser without switching), Salesforce CPQ.

Third-Party Integrations

Salesforce comes with a vast range of integrations. It can be integrated with ERP systems (for instance SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV/GP, NetSuite, etc.), marketing automation systems (such as HubSpot, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, etc.) and many other sales, service and financial systems (Invoicing software, Outlook, Email Marketing Platforms, LinkedIn, Web leads, Web Analytics).


  • SalesforceIQ CRM Starter - $25/user/month;
  • Lightning Professional - $75/user/month;
  • Lightning Enterprise - $150/user/month;
  • Lightning Unlimited - $300/user/month.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a cloud-based software and considered to be one of the leading CRM applications on the market. It is an excellent solution which is specialized in sales automation. HubSpot CRM is a certified premier Google partner and suits all types of businesses (that's why it is in our list of CRM Software Comparison). The most prominent feature of the HubSpot CRM is that it is free to use. Any company can utilize it without charge. HubSpot CRM includes all the fundamental features which enable the business owners to control content, channels and marketing performance in one place. With this CRM it is also possible to track and close the deals, manage the agents’ performance and enhance the customer support and experience.




HubSpot CRM is a splendidly designed product. It comes with an intuitive interface which can be used with little or no coding ability.


  • Users - HubSpot CRM provides the business with an opportunity to invite the whole team to use this CRM.
  • Free Forever - it is possible to utilize this CRM as long as you want.
  • All Your Data - the business owners can store up to 1,000,000 contacts, companies, deals and tasks.

Third-Party Integrations

HubSpot CRM is esteemed as one of the best-integrated CRM platforms. It can be easily integrated with as many business systems and apps as required, such as Pipedrive CRM, Bigcommerce, Dropbox, Gravity Forms, Salesforce, Shopify, Base CRM, Google Chrome, Microsoft Dynamics, Zapier, etc.


The core CRM functionality of HubSpot CRM can be used by any business at no cost.


Capsule CRM 

Effective and flexible, Capsule is a compelling tool for small mid-sized companies. Launched in 2008, the platform occupies a market segment interested in the easy-to-use software.

Capsule CRM obtains the essential capabilities to help companies manage the business processes.



  1. Contact Management

Since contacts are essential for any business, Capsule provides you with an opportunity to create and track all contacts with adding notes, tasks, social media accounts and other information to each of them. Either add a note from Capsule or use the Google Apps for Work Widget to store the message with a single click.

  1. Tracks

In case you obtain a standard way of approaching sales, you can bundle the individual tasks into “tracks.” For example, a track can comprise the next tasks:

  • follow up email
  • arrange a meeting
  • make a proposal

Furthermore, you can schedule the tasks automatically to follow up the previous task after the defined period of time. For instance: a meeting can be set up 5 days after the follow-up email.

  1. Lists

Lists are great functionality for organizing and categorizing contacts. Create them by using tags, custom fields, last date contacted, job title, etc.

  1. Opportunities

Opportunities provide you with an possibility to manage the deals and forecast the future sales. Attach the emails and notes directly to the opportunity. In this case, you get the latest and updated opportunity information to help you close the deals faster. Besides, overview the open opportunities from the sales dashboard, so you can easily check the status of each opportunity, as well as monitor the potential sales amount.

  1. Cases

Cases contain all activities related to an event such as client inquiry or something more complicated. Store the history data and interactions with the customers. In this case, you can use the information with similar client concerns and refer to what you did with a previously closed case.

  1. Custom fields

If you need to store more information than the standard fields, you can build and add your own custom fields. For example: track what kind of software is used on their company website and whether it is the mobile friendly or e-commerce enabled.

  1. Mobile Access

Call or email a contact right from the phone, as well as see what tasks are due when you are on the road. Create a follow-up task right after the meeting to exclude the possibility of forgetting it. Note, all your information is synced automatically.

  1. Sales Analytics Tools

Capsule CRM offers the reporting and forecasting dashboard that enables you with the next information:

    • Pipeline forecast – the value of opportunities based on the probability of winning deal;
    • Conversion rate over 30, 90 and 365 days – based on closed opportunities;
    • Pipeline by milestone;
    • Pipeline by tag;
    • Upcoming tasks for opportunities.


  1. Integrations

Capsule integrates with 78 applications like Workato, Xero, Zapier, Zendesk, PandaDoc, FreshDesk, LiveChat and other software.

  1. Price

Capsule CRM offers you 2 subscriptions:

  • a free plan includes an ability to get 2 users, store up to 250 contacts, has 10 MB storage, unlimited opportunities and cases;
  • the Professional edition - $15/user/month and can be used with up to 50,000 contacts with unlimited opportunities and cases. This payment option has the file storage of 2GB and lets you integrate with premium integrations. Note, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial of the Professional plan, but it requires a credit card.




SugarCRM is considered to be one of the top CRM systems. It is a web-based CRM application available in open source or in the commercial version. This platform provides the business owners with plenty of possibilities starting from the management of the project and activity to integration with more than 100 applications. This CRM system automates all business processes, such as sales, marketing, and customer support.




SugarCRM comes with an outdated user interface and a complex structure. Thus, this CRM software is difficult to navigate, and it requires some extra time to learn its peculiarities.


SugarCRM is available in separate editions, and each of them comes with its own subtly different list of features.

  • Sugar Professional - sales, marketing, customer support, social and mobile CRM, reporting, integration, data management and back-up, 15GB Sugar On-Demand document storage.
  • Sugar Enterprise - sales, marketing, customer self-service portal, SQL reporting, support for Oracle and BD2 database, 60GB storage, 2 Sugar On-Demand sandboxes.
  • Sugar Ultimate - sales, marketing, social and mobile CRM, customer self-service portal, SQL reporting, data management and data back-up, Sugar private cloud, 250GB storage, 5 Sugar On-Demand sandboxes.

Third-Party Integrations

SugarCRM comes with an extensive network of third-party apps integrations. It supports the following integrations: Microsoft Outlook and Office, Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, Citrix Online GoToMeeting, Gmail, Google Docs, InsideView, etc. Some integrations are free via plugins when the others are out-of-the-box solutions.


  • Sugar Professional - $35/user/month;
  • Sugar Enterprise - $60/user/month;
  • Sugar Ultimate - $150/user/month.


SuiteCRM is an open source customer relationship solution forked from SugarCRM and designed by Sthe alesAgility development agency. Since it is based on SugarCRM, all the community provided extensions will also work with SuiteCRM. SuiteCRM (as well as SugarCRM =) ) also is in the top of CRM Software Comparison platforms of 2017. This software gives the complete control over deployment. It is possible to deploy SuiteCRM in the private cloud or directly on the company’s servers behind the firewalls.





SuiteCRM is easy to use, and it comes with an intuitive user interface. This software provides the business owners with a vast range of customization options, such as themes, logos, colors, fonts, etc.


  • SuiteCRM Sales - gives the business owners the ability to concentrate chiefly on sales.
  • SuiteCRM Workflow - enables the businesses to streamline and automate the repetitive tasks in order to focus their attention on more important things like sales and customer service.
  • SuiteCRM Portal - gives the opportunity to easily manage customer issues via client self-service portals usage.

Third-Party Integrations

It is possible to integrate SuiteCRM with the numerous business systems and applications considering the fact that this software offers open API. Some of them are Sage Line 50, Twitter, Survey Monkey, JD Edwards, Pentaho, Joomla, WordPress, SagePay, Google, Outlook, Thunderbird, Xero, Constant Contact, CheckFront integrations.


  • SuiteCRM On-Site is free and can be downloaded at any time.
  • SuiteCRM OnDemand. The price depends on the number of users - £10 per user per month, and on the level of support - Forum (free) or Telephone (+ £5 per user per month).


Insightly is considered to be the best CRM platform for small businesses, and it is utilized by 500,000 users all around the world. It also suits well the mid and large companies and provides them with the peculiar features and enterprise-level modules. Insightly includes all the necessary time-saving capabilities, such as contact management, detailed sales reports, project management, access to the fundamental information via mobile app, etc. Due to the fact that this CRM software is cloud-based, it is possible for the sales team to use any data anywhere and anytime.




Insightly is a user-friendly CRM software. It comes with the intuitive user interface and other tools which make it easier and smoother to customize features, add new users, save data, etc.


  • Free - enables the business to manage sales and projects more efficiently. It includes webforms, Gmail sidebar, Outlook add-on, QuickBooks and Xero integration attributes.
  • Basic - gives the ability to connect on every level, collaborate with a team and automate tasks. It comes with unlimited reports, Google Contacts sync, MailChimp integration and onboarding assistance features.
  • Plus - gives the possibility to keep constantly in touch and to get the tools required for massage optimization. It includes 100 custom email templates, higher record limits, MailChimp auto-import aspects.
  • Professional - provides the businesses with an opportunity to get more advanced productivity and security. Its most significant features are role-based permissions, workflow automation, priority email support, lead assignment rules, etc.
  • Enterprise - gives the best deal for the features and limits any company requires. It comes with the unlimited record, and storage and dedicated specialist aspects.

Third-Party Integrations

Since Insightly comes with HTTP REST API, it can be effortlessly integrated with other business systems and applications. The list of possible integrations is very long, and it includes the following programs: Gmail, Google Apps, Google Drive, Dropbox, MailChimp, Outlook, Evernote, Zapier, INinbox, etc.


  • Free - $0 in case there are up to 2 users;
  • Basic - $12 per user per month;
  • Plus - $29 per user per month;
  • Professional - $49 per user per month;
  • Enterprise - $99 per user per month.

CRM Software Comparison: Brief Metrics Review

  • Pricing

Price is an important aspect when estimating CRM platform. Most of the CRM solutions we have analyzed offer per user pricing, however, it is crucial to get the detailed understanding of which features your company really requires and ready to pay for.

  • CRM Platforms Features

Although the CRM software is designed to meet the basic business needs, such as collecting and tracking customer related data, automating the repetitive tasks, analyzing and reporting the sales progress, etc., it also offers other out-of-the-box functionality. Thus, it makes sense to analyze your actual requirements and check over the Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Capsule CRM, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM and Insightly CRM platforms if their features correspond to your needs.

  • Ease of Use

CRM platform has to be intuitive otherwise it will be a complex and time-consuming process of learning and understanding all the peculiarities of the chosen CRM software. Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Capsule CRM, SuiteCRM and Insightly software solutions come with a user-friendly interface, while SugarCRM is complicated to learn.

  • Ability to Integrate

Data integration is all about access to information. Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Capsule CRM, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, and Insightly can be integrated with a vast range of diverse business systems and applications. However, you should find out if the software you currently use are compatible with the CRM platform you are going to choose.

Bottom Line

Now when you are aware of the fundamental peculiarities of Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Capsule CRM, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM and Insightly CRM platforms, it is time to decide which one will fulfill your requirements. Note, that the question is not “Which one is better?” but “Which one will satisfy your business needs and budget?”.

In case you have arrived at a decision and want to migrate your data to Salesforce, HubSpot, Capsule CRM, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM or Insightly, you may use the automated service Trujay. This migration solution can transfer your information in a fast and secure way.

Set up a free Demo Migration right away and observe the service in action.

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