CRM Trends of 2015: Guiding Lights of Innovation Tendencies

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CRM Trends of 2015: Guiding Lights of Innovation Tendencies

The developments and innovations become an ordinary and everyday thing of our lives. The same situation with CRM software, it is constantly growing and elaborating. Taking into consideration customer demands and changeable marketing rules, you should be ready for the upcoming CRM trends in the arriving year. We have compiled a list of the four awaited novelties in CRM industry.

1. The SaaS Conquest

Currently, CRM vendors offer both on-demand and on-premise hosting. Yet, the cloud CRM has lower implantation rates. However, this year the standpoint is going to alter significantly. The experts forecast that the deployment of SaaS software is one of the main CRM trends. Due to the SaaS, the optimized uptime helps business owners to accomplish customer’s requirement and provide service support timely and effectively. Apart from the blistering pace of sales processes, your teams have to master a new CRM system in few hours instead of few weeks. So, the emergent software has an easy-to-use interface and provides you with the built-in tools and options that streamline the cumbersome processes and define the interim objectives more quickly.

2. Emphasis on Customer Geoposition and Data Privacy

Nowadays the trustworthy to companies is equal to customer loyalty level. The prospects have second thoughts on the type and volume of personal data they provide business owners with. So, the geo-position of the prospect becomes a crucial CRM trend. Due to this criterion, the scoring and prioritization of the customer and offer will be improved. Besides, the territory management gives a new basis for planning targeted and personalized campaigns. Geoposition also empowers you with the ability to suit and personalize your service or product to the requirements of a certain area. Along with this innovation, the old-fashion reporting tactics have to go through the drastic changes. Using the real-time updating and extended analytics, you may reduce the losses and deal dropping. The attention to unique client’s need and fast issue solving may build a long-lasting and credible vendor-customer relationships.

3. Focus on Mobile Marketing

Many CRM systems have an email and newsletter campaigns as a focal point of marketing performance. However, the wearable devices and mobile phones are more frequently used by prospects. Another CRM trend is mobile marketing initiatives that aim to increase customer loyalty using mobile media. In the nearest future companies will face the need of getting client’s permission on sending SMS-messages. The key features of mobile campaigns are unique content, useful data, and entertaining coupons. This trend may bring increasing of conversion and ROI due to accurate geo-positioning and exclusive messages, interactive ads, and precise campaign targeting.

4. Advertising in Social Media

A lot of money spends on various types of advertising, yet, customers don’t want to see your ads or use ad-blocking apps. Drastic times require drastic measures. So, your promotion posts and messages have to be not obtrusive and irritating, but engaging and informative. Here come social media that helps you to make your content noticeable for interested consumers. Such customers are more disposed to buy your product or service. CRM is relatively young software and goes through perpetual changes, and CRM trends are indispensable elements of its advancement. However, some of the customer relationship management vendors provide its users with the certain options of this short-list. If you want to be in the high league, you should look forward to adopting such opportunities into your business. 

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