CRM Trends for 2020: Keep on Top of Things

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CRM Trends for 2020: Keep on Top of Things


In present circumstances, it’s imperative to keep up with new technologies because tech is evolving and changing all the time. 


Even if you have the best products, it doesn’t ensure business profitability. That’s why more and more industries are looking for efficient CRMs to significantly enhance their bottom line and be at the forefront of innovation.


For your business to stay ahead of the competition, it’s highly important to keep track of the latest trends in this competitive growing space. In this article, we will take a deep dive into 12 CRM trends for 2020. Do you want to give an edge over the competition in business? Then look through all these CRM trends for 2020 attentively.



The first of CRM 2020 Trends is - Put the Customer Experience First


The success of your business depends on how you think about customer experience. 


The positive customer experience is of considerable importance to brand loyalty and the sustained improvement of your business. It will help to retain revenue and get new customers. Two elements create the customer experience: product and people. 


So, first, analyze customer satisfaction with your products, then identify rates and reasons and don’t hesitate to solve all existing problems.


We call these actions Customer Experience Management (CXM) - the process of analyzing, surveying and increasing customer cooperation with business. This system controls various customer elements and helps find solutions on how to improve their experience.


To build a more connected, customer-centric approach, follow these stages:


  1. Identify which customer touchpoints to begin with
  2. Create a customer journey map and buyer personas
  3. Make up a positive connection with customers
  4. Ask for a piece of advice from customers or employees on how to improve your content and put into action


By bringing more value to customers, the CRM platforms will allow companies to move closer toward stronger customer relationships and build long-term brand loyalty in today's business market. 


AI-based CRM - the Future for Your Business in 2020


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significant potential in this highly competitive business world. When it comes to applying AI in CRM, there are endless possibilities on how to guide business effectively.  


According to, in the USA by 2021 an additional $394 billion could be gained in revenue from widespread AI implementation. Let’s look at the main benefits of AI adoption in CRM.




With integrating AI in CRM you can automate daily tasks, emails, customer reports, capture data and avoid human mistakes from tedious time-consuming manual tasks. AI applications can even predict what customers want to ask and give some recommendations. 


Virtual assistants and chatbots 


AI also includes conversational tools such as bots and voice assistants. With natural language processing (NLP) computers can understand human language and determine, classify their requests for a better understanding of their needs.




With the help of the analytics feature, you will close more deals and enhance seller opportunities. It provides sales reps with real insights into customers’ requirements. Moreover, analytics gives them the possibility to read and quickly respond to market dynamics.


Segmentation of customers 


This approach provides you with customer segmentation according to demographics, purchasing behavior, requirements, and dislikes. Then you can easily deliver your message to the specific group or look up information effortlessly. 


Enhance customer engagement


An AI-driven CRM will help you to get sentiment analysis and image recognition from your customers. Having this valuable information you can predict the customers' intentions and identify problems with ease.


The third in Our List of CRM Trends in 2020 is the Simplicity is the Key Point to Become More User-friendly


The most essential and valuable feature of CRM is ease-of-use. If you aim to enhance customer service, system performance, and sales, then the user-friendly CRM platform is a fundamental requirement. 


How can you make your CRM system more simple? Here are some touchpoints:


  • Easy import function
  • Customization of custom fields and filters
  • Easy and quick editing
  • Capability to search for contacts, leads, deals from one search bar
  • An intuitive and well-designed interface


If you work in a complicated CRM platform, sales reps lose their time and get frustrated. Having a simple CRM system will keep sales reps efficient, make lead capturing easy, prevent new hires, engage more customers and ensure successful collaboration with coworkers. 


Guide Business on the Go With Mobile CRM


Mobility is the main component of sales activities and it’s not a bygone trend. With the large migration of internet users to mobile devices from desktops, it’s needed to deliver a full CRM experience on phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. It allows people to manage and use real-time information from anywhere. 


For employees, it’s comfortable, because they are no longer ‘tied’ to their desks and customers get service available all the time. With mobile CRM it’s easy to organize information, manage schedules, analyze data, generate reports in one location on the go. 


Let’s look through some benefits of mobile CRM:


  • Strong security
  • Intuitive interface
  • The transition between online and offline environments
  • Automatic updates and access to leads, contacts
  • Possibility to manage, track and respond to customer service cases
  • Access to database and dashboard at all times and from anywhere


Integration of Social Media in CRM systems

In present times, social media has become a great part of our lives. A great number of people spend their spare time on social networking channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. 


If you don’t use social media for a CRM platform then you can miss a nice opportunity to get more customers and build strong customer relationship experience. 


People spend their time on social sites not only for entertainment but as well for interaction between businesses and customers. Here’s you’ll get with the integration of social media in a CRM platform:


  • The perfect channel for customers to contact businesses
  • New leads engagement
  • Excellent customer service
  • Instant communication
  • Opportunity to manage complaints and feedback faster
  • Ability to track a customer journey
  • Engagement of potential clients through keywords and hashtags
  • Brand voice and social interaction across channels
  • Opportunity to create more value to the product


Self Service CRM - Big Push for 2020 as CRM Trend


A self-service CRM enables customers to choose the things of their choice anytime they need and get certain support from the company. 


This concept helps companies build a customer base. It allows people to contact the CRM support team when they need this. 


Using this automatic tool, you will manage to send a certain number of things for your customers. Well-designed self-service CRM systems can easily provide information to the customers as per their requirements. That’s why a lot of businesses use this because of its cost-effectiveness. 


Analytics for CRM Growth - Must-Have Feature for 2020



The size of databases increases dramatically every year. Because of that, more and more businesses use CRM platforms. To run a successful business, you have to track every possible insight. However, there are some quality insights that you can’t access without an analytics component. There are some benefits of using an analytics component:


  • Opportunity to understand customers’ values, needs, preferences and group them according to their behavior
  • A better view of the company’s performance in marketing, sales, and service 
  • CRM analytics helps to reduce costs while providing an assuring return on investment
  • It helps to predict and forecast the reaction of customers on your future decisions
  • With benchmarking you can observe the level of your performance and compare your progress with other companies



CRM Connection With Every Part of a Business - Last in Our List of 2020 CRM Trends


A CRM system is an important part of a successful business. To seize every opportunity of the business and make it grow, you have to connect a CRM to other tools and processes of your company. 


If you keep your data in sync, you can avoid human mistakes, save time and organize the workload for every team. You will be provided with all prospect information and, with this, you will be able to create sales activities, cases and opportunity records. 


Moreover, you will be able to visualize the entire team’s activities. With the possibility to create focused sales campaigns, you will manage to plan and execute all complicated campaign activities. A business with a fully integrated CRM helps your customer support team to have the whole picture of customers' likes and dislikes.




So, you have a view on some basic CRM trends for 2020. With this in mind, you can improve the efficiency of your organization. The key point is to be at the forefront of innovations, putting customers first. Don’t forget to keep track of the latest CRM trends and you’ll succeed!


Feel free to contact us for a free consultation or perform our free sample migration in a few easy steps.


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