CRM User Experience: Iterate Performance and Revenue Rates

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CRM User Experience: Iterate Performance and Revenue Rates

In a world awash with evolving technology, the poor user experience is far more than a little frustration. Look through the business lens on your CRM solution. The lack of usability will inevitably lead to the productivity falling and avoidance of data input into the system.

As the company owner, you might not know whether the employees are wasting their time and efforts on coping with complex UI of CRM. The point is to use resources wisely and gain more results with reduced all possible expenses. In this article, we are going to check out the top reasons of insufficient user experiences as well as the ways to improve them.

3 Critical Signs to Prove Investment in CRM User Experience

To identify the main argumentations of bad UX, consider the common pain points your workers may encounter:

  • Struggle to increase user adoption

Low employee adaptation to CRM is a shared issue that shows: the user experience isn’t up to snuff. Notwithstanding, you can see the value of the solution, there is no guarantee the team will utilize the tool to full potential. If the system makes the workers’ jobs harder, the adoption will be an uphill battle.

The critical point: it can decrease the return on investment, and spell the demise on overall CRM project. The Forrester Research showed that 70 % of all CRM projects revisited due to the low user adoption.

  • You don’t trust the data

The quality and success of your performance don't lie only on the CRM functionality. If your employees are not entering the essential information into the platform, then the staff might consider it too difficult or time-consuming to use. When the system is too complicated, the records driven into CRM are more prone to be inaccurate, unnecessary, or outdated. Apparently, the database of such a quality leads to misinformed sales forecasting or strategic decisions, as well as poor customer service.

  • The employees are grumbling about using the CRM

If your workers keep complaining about the CRM platform and state that it takes too much time to enter the information, this might be the first sign of low user adoption and poor UX of the solution.

Ingredients of the CRM UX Formula

To ensure that your company thrive in the new business ecosystem, provide the teams with the understanding of operational and strategic sides. Show the value of CRM for income growth and iteration of the workflow, as well as work out the user experience formula. Here goes the sample:

Relevance + Personalization + Context + Outcomes = UX

Think about the user experience from the perspective of your team: they require a simple and comprehensible solution that will comply with the company goals and team’s expectations. To be more specific, let’s explain these 4 components:

  • Relevance is all about providing what employees consider important. The solution has to be designed and configured to deliver the relevant data by role and based on use cases.

  • Personalization adjusts the CRM platform to both operational and strategic settings, preference settings, configurations, past use, device, and location. The toolkit of most CRM systems supports the role-based user management, personal settings, etc.

  • Within a CRM opens up a 360-degree perspective, and the context brings the required information just in a few clicks. Make sure, you track and understand the patterns of the users’ behavior for future elimination or ease of nasty situations.
  • The outcomes cement the user experience and promote applying the platform in the future cases. The 3 factors influencing the user’s perception of these results are time-saving, convenience, and predictability.

Few Tips to Enhance the User Experience

Polishing your CRM to a high gloss is a rather challenging task. No obstacle is ever insurmountable, and you can train the team. Let's unpack the tried and tested practices in CRM user experience advancement.

  • Show how the solution works

CRM adoption can be considered as a sub-project that requires planning, materials, and training of your team. Even though your workers are open to new ideas and recommendations, the platform can be too complicated for understanding. At this point, your staff can give up before they even had a chance to know the system.

  • Develop and maintain data management rules

As business strategy changes so should modify the requirements to the information you operate. Define the key modules and entities, as well as the time frame of the records you need to keep. More information isn't always the better. Make sure the platform stores only relevant and accurate data.

  • Critical role of user-friendly system interface

The excessive feature set doesn't pave the path to business success, but the simple UI can route your team to higher results.

Pay attention to the next aspects:

  • The dashboard has to display the statistics, graphics, and numbers clearly.
  • The platform needs to be comprehensive and readable so that the users can find the information swift and without too many struggles.
  • The navigability is the critical aspect that you have to consider when choosing the CRM for your business.

  • Keep users engaged with CRM

Last, but not least, the point is the successfully implemented CRM solution facilitate the everyday routine of your team. The clear and eye-catching design with visual workflows might be quite helpful. Thus, you can also introduce the gamification option to make the goal accomplishment exciting.

Summing Up

Creating a successful CRM user experience is challenging, but the payoff is well worth it. Fuse all the tips and tricks above together and boost your staff performance, improve customer experience, as well as overall business processes.

P.S. To learn more information about the value of CRM systems for employees and customers, check the white paper “Customer Relationships Management System Outlining the Efficiency” out for useful insights.

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