CRM Videos: 6 Useful Resources to Start with

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CRM Videos: 6 Useful Resources to Start with

The implementation of CRM systems is becoming mandatory in today’s business world. The organizations believe that the platforms can drive the revenue growth, productivity and customer satisfaction. However, the solutions are only efficient if the employees use the solution to its full potential.

A number of CRM failures happen when the companies place the primary focus on the development of the product or service. As a result, the team members lack the understanding of CRM value that decreases the user adoption and company performance. So, the following instructional CRM videos provide a step-by-step tutorial on the main aspects of system and help you get started with the platform:  

What is CRM?

The video from SugarCRM provides the definition of CRM system and explains the main benefits of the platform. Discussing how the solution works and what is brings to your business is a first step to realizing the essential aspects of CRM.

Understanding the Benefits of CRM

Customer services manager Scott Christie at “Expert Market” shares his experience of working with CRM and outlines the main advantages of the software.

CRM Critical Success Factors - Implementation Approach

The managing director for QGate, Rowland Dexter, talks about the importance of having an approach and create the strategy for successful CRM implementation.

CRM Tutorial for Beginners: Social CRM

The video provided by Technology advice explores the significance of social CRM and shares the thoughts on how to utilize the social media for CRM in the right way. 

Salesforce CRM Demo for Small Business

Since Salesforce is a leading platform on CRM market, you can get an opportunity to explore the beneficial functionality in the following demo video.

The Best CRM Ever! ...and the Perfect Action Plan!

CEO and founder of the international coaching company, Tom Ferry, claims that “What is the best CRM?” is a wrong question. The motivational speaker explains why and how to use the platform in the real estate.

By and large, navigating CRM software is a challenging process, but there is no reason it can’t be relatively smooth. The tutorials above-mentioned is a great way to explore the shortcuts of CRM systems that can save you time and headaches down the road.

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