10 Best CRMs with Marketing Automation Tools for 2019

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10 Best CRMs with Marketing Automation Tools for 2019

There’s no doubt that CRM it essential solution and must be implemented in every business to make it successful. But do you know what makes CRM so effective and irreplaceable? All platforms are unlike each other having a different set of features and pricing. Let’s find out what CRM options can help you and how do they do it?

In this article, we will pay attention to one CRM ability, marketing automation tools to be exact.

Marketing Automation Tools: Meaning


In short, marketing automation is technology that helps manage both marketing and other multifunctional campaigns automatically regardless of their current position, across various channels. You can send messages to the customers automatically using email, web, social media, and SMS. All notifications are assigned according to instructions and workflows and can be specified by custom or modified templates.

Where can marketing automation tools be used?

It is a popular tool and is used widely for both marketing and sales teams helping set up, combine and automate online marketing and sales activities. Effective use of automation helps handle tedious tasks making employees free to undertake more essential tasks. Moreover, it reduces any possibility of human error. As for the generation, nurturing, and ROI scoring, marketing automation can help you with that too. As a conclusion, have to admit that good marketing automation software can force your business growth and scale alongside your company.

What’s the difference between custom marketing automation systems and marketing automation applications with CRMs?

Firstly, the second ones go much further adding the customers into the CRM directly as soon as they made any actions on the site like sign up. After that, marketing automation will monitor all the further activities to combine them into beautiful stats so you can point out the visitors to focus on in your marketing attempts.

Notice that it is not an absolutely necessary tool for every business. Marketing automation would be beneficial only if you look for a better way to identify prospects and automate sales process.

Another thing to mention is that it will take some more time and efforts to set up CRM with marketing automation than the common one.

Top 10 CRMs with an automated marketing tool

You can jump directly to the migration page and find info about the chosen platform by clicking its name, or scroll down and learn what makes them outstanding if speaking about automated marketing.

  1. HubSpot can push your content marketing to work for you
  2. Salesforce is your CRM to align marketing and sales, generate leads and keep them engaged, and close more deals.
  3. Infusionsoft delivers eCommerce suite and helps to point what you need
  4. Agile CRM makes things easier by helping you to communicate with customers, receive and send real-time notifications
  5. Bitrix24 to use many marketing options for free
  6. Zoho to run campaigns seamlessly, pass on quality leads to sales and get the best ROI
  7. Sharpspring your choice to drive and nurture leads, manage the pipeline, log sales, and close deals
  8. GreenRope your solution for improved project management, surveys, events and more
  9. bpm`online to achieve generation excellence and generate more revenue for your company
  10. OroCRM enables you to manage, perform, and track the results of marketing activities, like email campaigns and website activities

HubSpot CRM

If using Google Analytics, you can see what pages are being viewed previously or in real time, get info about the browsers used, stats on pages exit, how long and deep in people were on your site, etc. Moreover, you can see which keywords and content perform best. HubSpot can give you the same info. Additionally, you will get tools for generation of landing pages, blog posts publishing, and more. Besides, the tools will help you identify customers and focus your marketing efforts. Hubspot CRM is an all-in-one solution that combines tools for both content creation and social media sharing, including analytics data to make sure that content performs well. Also, you will get info about all your site visitors, reach them out and convert them into customers. The new Sidekick tool can give you an ability to email and contact everyone from a single place.

Price. Hubspot CRM is free but additional Marketing tools will cost $800/month regardless of how many team members, for up to 1,000 customers and additionally $50/month per 1k customers


Salesforce can empower you with the ability to generate more leads by using email marketing, creating custom landing pages, and making lead capture forms smarter. Also, you will make all the interactions more relevant and personalized, get dynamic content to deliver targeted messaging, track and optimize campaigns. Be sure you Connect with the right leads by prioritizing the best ones. That is the way you can pick non-sales-ready leads and nurture them to win the deal. It is important that you will get the ability to calculate marketing ROI, measure and optimize campaign performance with closed-loop reporting, create custom dashboards and get a full view of the sales pipeline.

Price. Salesforce is not a budget platform. So regardless of its cost starts at $25/user/month, be aware of Salesforce hidden fees.


Starting your every working day, you probably open a half-dozen applications or websites and spend a lot of time just to figure out what happened through the non-working hours and figure out what to do next. But Infusionsoft will relieve you from consuming tasks like surfing through your site, tracking info about prospects, and keeping up with what you need to do. The "My Day" view will show you all the to-do list including tasks, connections with contacts, calendar appointments, and info about the customers related to tasks in the same overview.

The marketing broadcast tools will help you email, send voice messages, faxes to your contacts. Infusionsoft's eCommerce tools can help you to build and manage an internet store and sell products right from your site. That is how you can identify customers' needs, adapt marketing to it, sell your real products, and be sure you're on top.

Price. Around $75/team member per month

Agile CRM

Agile is a newbie in a CRM market. Being launched in 2013, the platform gained fame as a simple yet powerful solution with a nice set of marketing automation tools that will keep you on your toes. The real-time notifications are based on your contacts' behavior so you can get notices when they opened an email, pushed a link, or just were browsing your site. Also, you can set up notifications or automated SMS drip campaigns to make sure your customers remember you. Deep-in analytics tools are available too. A social networking suite will help you keep in touch with the prospects and customers to stay on top of mentions, VoIP integration will able you call and receive those right from CRM. Furthermore, eCommerce integration can help your sales by reminding people about things they’ve chosen but didn’t finish the purchase so the items being left in the basket.

Price. From $14.99/team member per month


Bitrix24 gives away more than 30 free marketing tools to its users. For example, you will get client management, email marketing, file sharing, quotes and invoices, virtual call center, telemarketing, freelancer management, video conferencing, collaboration, HR, private social network, etc. with no additional fee. Also, your marketing team will be empowered with shared calendars and Gantt chart (timeline view) to make group planning inside Bitrix24 easier. Moreover, Bitrix24 presents its users with supervising control tool to get a detailed report on who's doing what, how many tasks are assigned to each person and what their workload was like for a selected time period. Another thing you will achieve is the possibility to automatically send notifications a few days before the subscription expires, capture leads on the website, automate multiple sales funnels, accept payments for you.

Price. Free for up to 12 users with particular marketing automation or $199/month for all users for a full set of tools.


You can jumpstart marketing campaigns, create and measure email and AdWords campaigns, capture leads through web forms and follow them never to lose, customize pipeline, and more with Zoho. Also, the solution enables you to set budgets, assign ownership to tasks, invite prospects to visit your trade show booths, schedule follow-up emails, track email opening rates, clicks, and bounces. As for the budget concern, you can control and correct your AdWords campaigns to spend your dollars more effectively and get a better return on your investment. Besides, you can develop landing pages and add web-to-lead forms using a drag-and-drop interface, capture visitors information and push it directly into Zoho CRM automatically. Using the Leads app allows you to scan business cards using a smartphone and import them into CRM automatically.

Price. Starts at $13,5 user/month for CRM plus $5,5 user/month for Marketing automation tools.


The system uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface so it can help you to visualize and manage pipeline easily, track opportunities, manage unique sales process by customizing deal stages, fields, filters and more. Also, you are free to add as many as needed new users with no bulky features and tailor opportunities in the pipeline according to your exact needs.

Price. From $450/month per unlimited users and up to 1500 contacts.

GreenRope CRM

That is the way you get a single all-in-one app that handles every part of marketing. The CRM has enough features for that task like marketing automation tool to send drip emails and SMS, automate workflows to send messages if visitors go to specific pages or reply to customized or built-in surveys. Use event calendar and project management tool to rank leads and convert them into customers.

Price. From $149/month Starter plan for unlimited users, emails, and 1k contacts (plus $399 account setup fee).


Marketing automation software by Bpm’online provides users with features that can help enrich business with new heights of effectiveness. Reach out target audience via multiple channels, and improve entire performance. Next, nurture prospects, identify customers’ requirements and be ready to meet their needs and turn them into opportunities. So that is the way to take your company to a whole new level.

Price. Around $3000/user/year


OroCRM enables you to integrate with 3rd party services MailChimp and Dotmailer to synchronize configuration of marketing promotion, reports by services and Oro application. This environment lets you launch marketing campaigns and emailing to the custom group of contacts generated as a marketing list. While marketing campaigns are set up and launched, you can monitor and collect information in terms of the customers, leads, and others. You can enable or disable marketing automation tools via the system configuration.

Price. Starting from $116/month

Drawing the Bottom Line

No doubts, choosing CRM with robust tools for marketing automation is a pretty tricky and abusing task. First of all, bear in mind that the decided solution will handle most of the marketing workflow so it is reasonable to select one of the mentioned CRMs rather than a traditional platform.

Anyway, you are always free to experiment. So, you can try out the trial edition of a free version of each CRMs to see which one work best for your needs and then stick with it.

In case you have some business information in another CRM, CSV or Excel file, import its part into the chosen platform for free by running a Sample import.


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