Cross-Selling and Upselling with CRM: Hints for Business Calibration

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Cross-Selling and Upselling with CRM: Hints for Business Calibration

Nowadays, salespeople can take advantage of CRM solutions and be well-versed in customers needs and requirements, and, therefore, promote a win-win situation. Using these improvements, SMBs and mid-sized organizations give a new start for cross-selling and upselling with CRM. Thus, some business owners and sales reps mix up or have no clear understanding of these approaches.

Cross-Selling vs. Upselling: Exploring the Differences

Usually, the notions of cross-selling and upselling are confused and considered as synonyms while they represent diverse types of selling, as well as generate varying degrees of profits.

Sales representatives, who deal with the cross-selling, have several types of products to offer their customers. For the successful deal closing, the sales manager should identify the specific client’s interest and provide a suitable offer, as well as recommend an additional product or service that is relevant up to this moment.

Upselling focuses on the providing advanced or customized product the customer initially has looked for. This type of sales is less adjusted to the client’s need and delivers a set of different versions of the same product. In other words, it is selling a more expensive edition or service.

Still, cross-selling and upselling share a common feature - these processes should visualize the benefits of additional quality products, as well as advantageous of the higher quality offer.

Key to Customer Retention

The effectiveness of the sales processes depends on the awareness of the customer's needs, relevancy of product and timely offering. Additionally, your service should have high quality without annoying ads. To get a targeted customer is far more challenging than draw up a project plan. So, cross-selling and upselling with CRM boil down to the lead gathering and classification for effective marketing campaigns. Besides, communication is the major clue to customer retention so your sales reps should enable a multi-channel and bidirectional contact with clients.

Boost Your Cross-Selling and Upselling with CRM

The holistic view of customer data is a keynote feature of CRM that serves all company departments. However, apart from the automation of follow-ups and scheduled calls, sale managers can apply the real-time and legacy data that stores in CRM. The records with demographical information, behavior, and social media activities along with buying and service requests histories provide the full picture of a specific customer. In other words, if you know that this very client has bought a laptop, you can offer some piece of software or other accessories that enhance work with the device on-the-go.

It is also worth to remember that cross and upselling have different time boundaries, but with CRM solution you can analyze and plan timely calls or follow-up messages. This is quite a vital aspect for upselling, as long as you can catch up with a customer when the product is still on the mind. Such a situation provides more chances for the quick purchase. Moreover, cross-selling and upselling with CRM can have different sales patterns, as well as reach your targeted prospect at the right time.

Another beneficial option is detailed, customizable analytics and sales funnel that advance monitoring every stage of a customer journey, as well as measure the effectiveness and forecast future projects.

Summing Up

CRM solutions help to overcome the barriers of cross-selling and upselling at lower expenses. However, you should establish a comprehensive strategy that will count marketing and sales departments needs equally. Furthermore, you should set up employee training and data management policies to keep it clean from copies, accurate and relevant.

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