Directions of CRM Migration: Overcome Potential Traps And Blunders

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Directions of CRM Migration: Overcome Potential Traps And Blunders

The CRM software has already matured, and customer relationship management vendors represent polished and advanced tools on a daily basis. These perpetual improvements encourage the competitiveness in business owners midst. So, CRM migration becomes a frequently and daily round thing.

Yet, the process of CRM switch is far from clear-cut and seamless. CRM migration is rather a prepared and well-thought strategy. The process consists of defining main phases, data extraction, and cleansing and moving to the chosen CRM software. To decrease uptime interruptions, establish risk-free records switch and smooth user adoption of the system, you should take the following measures.

Get Your Staff on the Inside of CRM Migration Plan

As a rule, the decision to move from existing CRM is made teamwise by a business owner and his employees. Your workers as the primary users of the software should be involved in this process from the very beginning. The performance of your company and employees depends on the quality of data and capabilities of the platform.

In defining the CRM migration rollout, your staff may differ about the records for switch and data for wiping out. So, if you want to strike a balance, you need to select departments that will bear the responsibility for the database. This role clarification may enhance the building inside the hierarchy and provide needful rules for setting up workflows and analytics.

Hard and Fast Rule of Data Backup

It goes without saying that regularly updated database requires a periodic backup. During CRM migration, this procedure becomes a vital and essential action. Definitely, some CRM vendors provide you with a backup/recovery tool, yet it offers a poor assurance that your database will be saved accurately. If you want to accomplish successful records backup, you should turn to a data migration specialist.

Data Analysis as a Big Shot

One of the most significant and complicated stages of the data migration is the analysis of the company records. It is recommended to examine your database according to the following criteria:

  • Age and size of data. Your records may be stored during few days to several decades. CRM migration is quite a costly process, so you have to choose the most relevant and essential data.
  • Type of records. There are contacts, addresses, system tasks and opportunities, as well as communication, complaints, and buying histories. So, you should migrate only critical records that have a direct influence on the company performance.
  • Sources of information. Figure out where your data come from and make sure that these origins are trustworthy and supply you with real-time records.
  • Data structure. Explore the architecture of your database and qualify its ?fundamental’ components.
  • Relations between records. All information in your database is interconnected. It is worth to migrate records with their relations, for example
      • Account - member of
      • Contact -account name, reports to, organization name
      • Task (Contact name, related to)

Get Equipped with Refined Database

After analysis of your data, you notice that its quality decreases due to stale records, irregular formatting, occasional mistakes in spelling and missing records or duplicates. Using cleansing, you will be able to define what records are misplaced, lack or incorrect. It is advisable to double check your data after migration and find overpassed items.

Map out the Gateway of CRM Migration

CRM platforms have the on default and additional fields. While you plan the CRM migration, setup a demo version of the desired platform and discover what modules it has. Usually, there are such basic fields as

      • contact
      • account
      • lead
      • address
      • campaign
      • opportunity

However, you may find a user, task, as well as other metadata that demand special modifying rules for switching. If you want to avoid extra expenses and work, discuss the final list of input records with your staff.

Handle with Missing Functionality

You change your current software due to the lack or over-killing abundance of functionality. In both cases, for efficient system adoption, you need to tailor the software and do some slight customizations. It is worth to be careful with fields creating and another setting, start with the fewer options will be helpful for the smooth implementation of the platform.

First-Hand Experience: Consult with CRM Pro

CRM migration is lasting and sometimes a nerve-wracking process. If you have a colleague or friend who has run through this way, consult and ask about the main miscalculations and hardships. Acknowledgment of the frequent mistakes will aid you in bypassing them.

You may hire a CRM professional who will enhance the strategy planning, data analyzing, staff training and adoption of the software.

Like any part of business running, CRM migration is a challenging and complex procedure. Apart from thorough preparations, it requires aligning to the day-to-day performance of your workers and unique needs of the company. If you keep to these pieces of advice, your CRM data switch will be performed successfully and increase the exception of a wished customer relationship management system.

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