Disclose the Opportunities of Direct Solve360 to Salesforce Migration

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Disclose the Opportunities of Direct Solve360 to Salesforce Migration

The adoption of CRM system is the advancement of the company performance along with high investments. Thus, the well-thought strategy, mature processes and system management with aligned CRM technology will bring your revenue levels to a new scale. Lots of businesses prefer the cloud CRM solutions. Solve360 and Salesforce are quite popular solutions that have a large audience of users. However, some vendors look for more features and migrate from Solve360 to Salesforce.

Solve360 vs Salesforce: Promote Your Sales

CRM technology has erased the borders of data management, as well as facilitate the cumbersome processes of sales and marketing. So, many vendors made their companies indeed customer-focused. Solve360 and Salesforce are the two solutions that enhance your performance and improve the service quality. But the key reasons of Solve360 to Salesforce migration is the full-featured suite of practical options for the prolific sales. In particular, Salesforce provides you the inside sales console and performance management for the efficient planning and monitoring all the processes. The platform also offers the sales cloud engage for a better communication with customers. If you decided to succeed in your business performance with Salesforce, you should arrange your company for the migration from Solve360 process.

Get Ready for the Switch

Data transfer requires some preparations. First of all, you need to manage your database and improve its quality by detecting and deleting duplicates. Also, you may draw up a set of rules for a further records entry,


and updating. The next step is to call the meeting and announce your employees about the upcoming changes. It is a good practice to train different user roles for a fast system adoption.

Efficiency of the Automated Migration

In case you want to reduce the expenses and time on your

Solve360 to Salesforce migration

, you are welcomed to use the web-based service Trujay. It is fully automated and hands-off. So, you may transfer your data in a direct and accurate mode without a current system downtime.

Simple Guide on Solve360 to Salesforce Data Transfer

Step 1. Register your account at app.trujay.com.


Step 2. Specify your Solve360 URL, email and API token.
Step 3. Select your Salesforce from a drop-down menu.

Permit Trujay the access to your admin account by clicking the ‘Allow’ button.

Step 4. Choose CRM modules you want to switch (contacts, accounts, tasks and opportunities). Launch a free demo. The service will transfer a limited amount of records from each specified module.
Step 5. Start your full Solve360 to Salesforce migration.

Wish to get your business


a higher lane? Then don’t wait up and

request a free demo

to test the automated service in action.

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