Drum Up Your Business with CRM for Event Management

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Drum Up Your Business with CRM for Event Management

Aiming to be successful at this highly vying landscape, organizations of various size and industry look for a tool or strategic approach that will heighten their competitiveness. Business people that run 2b2 or b2c companies, actively take advantage of CRM platforms and get more profits with fewer efforts and resources. However, non-profit and event management organization can use this solution as well. If you share the cultivated misconception that CRM for event management is useless, proceed with reading this post and get ready for a change of heart in the end.

Behind the Stage of Event Management

Event. The sound of this word draws up various colorful pictures in our minds, and usually, people consider this job easy and more like a hobby. But those, who work in this area, highly disagree with such a treating. Like any other business or project, event starts with the planning. The more complex case, the more data, tasks it has and, therefore, timeframes are longer than it was estimated at the very beginning. This business segment deals with various types of virtual and in-person events, seminars, job fairs, trade shows, open houses, conferences, and webinars. Obviously, you have to manage multiple communication channels, as well as contacts and recorded interactions with numerous associations, foundations, and companies. The brief review of a business process will be foolproof for the efficiency of CRM for event management. So the standardized workflow consists of the following stages:

  1. Plan. At this point, your marketing team creates a definite campaign project with the clear final goals. This planning should align with the company capabilities, and address the solving of possible pitfalls. Also, it includes people and organizations that will be involved, the process of budget setting up, getting approvals, establishing agendas, an organization of venues, and redistribution of available resources.
  2. Invite and register. This stage deals with invitation sending outs via various channels with the link to online registration form. It is vital to monitor this page and acquire the number of sign ups, declines and bounced contacts. All responses should be updated in a real-time for seeing the response rates and participant number for this event.
  3. Execute and convert phase is the time for capturing attendance and those who didn’t show numbers, and report lists of each event as well. Right after that, you need to update information about new leads and start converting newly-gained prospects.
  4. Analyze the successful and ineffective actions in planning and running the processes. It is vital to calculate the number of generated leads and opportunities. If it was a fundraising event, you need to estimate the revenue.

Wrapping up, you see that these activities are cumbersome, heavy-manual and time-consuming. For enhancing these burdensome tasks and improving the quality of your work, implementation of the CRM system is an actionable and cost-effective solution.

CRM for Event Management: Promote Your Efficiency

The technology provides you with a wide range of different workable options and standalone solutions. However, the variety of formats, numerous databases, and programs for planning increases the errors numbers and limits the transparency across the company. In its turn, CRM system manages the complexity of data and provides an at-a-glance overview of a certain contact or lead. This solution deals with emails creation and sending out, reply process and date, program and venue organization from a single location. Moreover, all the activities are documented what facilitates analysis and details for future planning. CRM technology ensures the successful resolvent of the following aspects of event management process:

  • this out-of-the-box tool helps you to plan seminars, events, exhibitions, trade shows and large events, and manage locations, organizers, participants and driving service providers;
  • you can choose the most suitable way to address your audience and boost your reach. So you can design personalized emails or automated invitations sending out, as well as provide the ability to register via web portal;
  • each event can be documented and analyzed in a structured manner on the basis of gathered data;
  • with CRM, you can set up a workflow for your committees, as well as store and share information for avoiding any mistakes or misunderstandings;
  • maintenance of the member's records (data joined, documentation of processes and activities, mailing lists and phone calls) ensures the convenient analysis of your audience, offer better service;
  • integration with social media enables you with effective management of press, publisher, music industry or broadcasting network contacts

In a nutshell, you will run outstanding event management and cut on expenses with CRM solution.

Features to Look for in An Apt CRM Choice

Another important question that raises is how to choose the appropriate CRM for event management? There is a great deal of various CRM systems that provide fancy and numerous tools. However, you need to select a solution that offers options for handling tasks of your organization. So before looking for a CRM software, define your strategy and issues your team has to deal. Then draw up a list of tools that may cope with these tasks and activities. In such a way, you will be able to narrow the checklist of CRM. Many organizations of this industry give preference to Insightly, Zoho and Bitrix24 in an effective event management due to actionable tools and easy-to-use interface. 

P.S. Still doubt about CRM implementation? Take a look at this free ebook “Why, When and How to Migrate Your CRM?” will aid you in figuring out the answer to this question.

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