Salesforce to Highrise Switch: Edge Your Way[Tutorial]

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Salesforce to Highrise Switch: Edge Your Way[Tutorial]

Salesforce to Highrise Switch: Edge Your Way


The CRM industry contains a lot of various platforms with different tools and capabilities. And the cloud branch isn’t the exception. It offers diverse CRM solutions for facing the needs of small-to-mid-size businesses, as well as large companies. Usually, Salesforce is compared with other SaaS platforms as a reputable and standalone CRM. Today we are going to juxtapose it with Highrise.



Salesforce vs Highrise: Cut the Losses and Stay Productive


Confirmation ‘the more tools you have, the more effective business you will run’ is quite dubious. Additional features may be irrelevant and have a rather negative impact on your budget, as well as overcomplicate the daily round of your employees. Salesforce is a powerful piece of software, and Highrise is simple, get stuff done contact manager, so why not marry the two or migrate from one to another? Move new contacts in and out of each web app with ease, and automatically. Trujay gives you that ability and then some. Salesforce provides you with an avalanche of various untold tools, but your company needs less than half of them. Those vendors, who connect their business objectives to required features, favor migrating from Salesforce to Highrise. Companies find Highrise more attractive due to


  • coherent contact management that allows implementing b2c and b2b strategy
  • effective task tool that helps to optimize employees’ performance and monitor the status of activities
  • the deal feature enhances the process of calculation, accomplishment and running your transactions with clients
  • apart from case management, your support service team may offer a knowledge base and self-service portal for issue resolvement
  • you can also create new custom fields and integrate your Highrise with social networks and third-party add-ons


As it follows, Highrise faces the primary business objectives without extra elaboration of the system. In case, you want to switch from Salesforce to Highrise; you should include data arrangement and staff training into your CRM project.



Prepare Your Data for the Upcoming Changes


To assure successful CRM rolling out, you need to reexamine your main processes and decide what types of data are the most valuable. As well, revise the records for copies and delete duplicates. And finally, backup your database on the hard-drive or another device.



Automated Service As A Workable Way Out


The cumbersome and complicated process of data switch from Salesforce to Highrise may be facilitated by Trujay. This online solution may migrate your records in a fast, accurate, and secure mode without installations or human interaction. Besides, you can lead your business processes during the data transfer.

Firm Guidance on Salesforce to Highrise Migration


Step 1. Register your Trujay account at Specify your name, email, password, and phone number.



Step 2. Select your Salesforce type from a drop-down menu.

Then you will be redirected to your admin account and asked for the access permission. After clicking the ‘Allow’ button, you will return to the migration wizard.

Step 3. Define your Highrise URL and API token.

salesforce to highrise


Step 4. Choose CRM modules for a transfer (accounts, contacts, tasks, and opportunities). Run a free Demo, during which the service will transfer up to 20 items of each specified module.


Step 5. In case, you like the results of the Demo, start your full Salesforce to Highrise migration.

salesforce to highrise results

Considerations are idle time and money loss. If you want to migrate to Highrise, set up a free Demo, and evaluate Trujay in progress.

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