Highrise to Salesforce Migration: Endorsed Guide [Tutorial]

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Highrise to Salesforce Migration: Endorsed Guide [Tutorial]

Highrise to Salesforce Migration: Endorsed Guide


Businesses share some features of their strategic tactics and final achievements in high ROI and a large audience of loyal customers. Thus, they apply different approaches and take great advantage of CRM solutions. Therefore, to enhance your growing company, it is suggested to pay attention to Highrise to Salesforce Migration.



CRM Efficiency and Change Requirements


Apart from automation and enhancement of key customer-facing processes, CRM platforms offer a set of specific and practical tools to ensure the business thrives. However, the lack of strategy, technology, and people alignment leads to increase investment costs, lower-income and overall business failure with CRM. In order to preempt such incidents, vendors decide to migrate from their current solution to more suitable. Cloud CRMs bring more high-end technology for companies along with cutting costs on the expensive hardware and IT team for its further maintenance. There are lots of popular solutions, Highrise and Salesforce are one of them.



Highrise vs Salesforce: Cloud Platform for Business Success


Highrise enables the key tools and features for small and mid-size companies for prolific performance and establishing customer relationships. Meanwhile, Salesforce, a market-leading CRM, provides practical and efficient options for baseline processes and helps you to advance your sales activities. Many businesses have outgrown their current solutions and consider migrating to more full-featured ones. Highrise to Salesforce switch is viewed as a viable option.


CRM Migration: Advantages of Automated Process


The direct and accurate records transfer between various solutions became a hot topic. The automated and secure Highrise to Salesforce data migration is available due to the web-based service Trujay. This SaaS excludes programming as well as any side interference or impact on the current system uptime.


Switch from Highrise to Salesforce Flawlessly


Step 1. Attend the Trujay Migration service and log in to your account or register the new one. To that, provide your credentials, log in via social network accounts, or as Salesforce user.




Step 2. Choose Highrise from the drop list and fill in the platform’s URL and API token. In case you have some questions, feel free to attend “How to find out Highrise API token” page.


Your following step is to:


1. Pick up Salesforce from the drop-down list.

2. Press the "Connect” button to confirm you wish to connect to Salesforce.

3. Log-in to your Salesforce account: fill ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ fields, then push “Log in”.



Step 3. Next, map modules (data fields and users) you wish to migrate and to run a free Sample Migration.


Step 4. Check your Sample Migration results.

1. In case your requests are satisfied, start your Highrise to Salesforce migration.

2. Else, schedule a Trujay expert’s call to get helpful insights.






Don’t wait up with and bring your business to a new level.


Test the automated Trujay service in action. Request a free Demo Migration and switch a part of your real data to Salesforce.

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