Pipedrive Alternatives: Explore 2018 Robust CRM for Your Business

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Pipedrive Alternatives: Explore 2018 Robust CRM for Your Business

Top 3 Solutions to Consider as the Pipedrive Alternatives -

In today’s fast-growing business environment, CRM systems are the essential tools for the companies of various sizes. The organizations use the platforms to efficiently manage the business processes and customers’ relationships. The compelling features of the solutions help you identify the audience, determine the customer acquisition strategies, as well as categorize the information to boost the performance of the workflow and team. Yet, some CRMs lack the functionality options and customization choices for the large companies, and Pipedrive is not an exception. Let’s take a look at the main capabilities of this software, and explore the main Pipedrive alternatives.

Pipedrive CRM: List of the Primary Features

The platform is a cloud-based solution that usually attracts the small and mid-sized businesses. Besides, the systems offers you a visual dashboard for managing the various stages of the sales cycle, track the open and closed deals, access the main sales reports, as well as use the next functionality:

  • Sales management: monitor the prospects and existing clients, schedule tasks and more.
  • Analytics tools: track the new sales opportunities, conversion rates of deals, sales volume, etc.
  • Emailing within the system: thread your email with the deal it is relevant to, as well as track email conversations
    within the CRM.
  • Notifications and updates: set the time frames for the alerts or select if you want notification to be sent directly to your mobile device.
  • Integration options: includes 140 add-ons like MailChimp, Xero, Slack, Zapier, and others.

Price Matter

Pipedrive comprises 3 paid subscriptions:

  1. Silver - $10 user/month/billed annually;
  2. Gold - $24 user/month/billed annually;
  3. Platinum - $63 user/month/billed annually.

As you can see, Pipedrive is a simple-to-use and affordable sales management platform that can easily handle the processes of small businesses. However, if you are looking the CRM system with the robust functionality and variety of customization choices, then looking for the new solution is your way out. In this case, it is recommended to check out the several Pipedrive competitors and find the suitable one for your company processes and employees.

Pipedrive Alternatives: Shoot the Right Pick

Since the CRM market is packed with the platforms for the organizations for the different shapes and sizes, you can easily get lost in the variety of the choices. With the aim to simplify your searching procedure, consider the next systems that can replace Pipedrive in the upcoming 2018:

    sugar pipedrive alternatives

  1. SugarCRM is designed for the companies of all sizes, obtains the effective team collaboration features, sales forecasting, call center automation, revenue line item opportunities, role-based views. It is well-known for the efficient reporting tools to determine the effects of your business and colleges’ performance that helps you predict the trends and reveal the potential problems. Moreover, SugarCRM enables you with a possibility to use the calendar view (by day, week, month or year) of all activities and associated tasks. Also, you can share the calendars with your team and eliminate the scheduling overlaps.

    Price Matter
    SugarCRM includes 3 paid plans:

    • Professional Edition - $40/user/month/billed annually
    • Enterprise Edition - $65/user/month/billed annually
    • Unlimited Edition - $150/user/month/billed annually

  2. salesforce pipedrive alternatives

  3. Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM solutions for the companies of all sizes that placing the focus on the enterprises. The system offers an opportunity to use the customized workflow of the
    nd marketing automation to perform the essential activities automatedly. Besides, the solution stands out for its AppExchange that obtains a number of the apps and services to help you build the robust solution. Salesforce contains a wide range of the customization choices, compelling reports, and deep email integration. Also, the Salesforce Chatter enables you to collaborate with the entire team members easily.

    Price Matter
    Salesforce provides you with 4 paid editions:

    • SalesforceIQ Starter - $25/user/month/billed annually
    • Lightning Professional - $75/user/month/billed annually
    • Lightning Enterprise - $150/user/month/billed annually
    • Lightning Unlimited - $300/user/month/billed annually

  4. zoho pipedrive alternatives

  5. Zoho CRM fits the demands of the organizations starting from the small to large sizes. The platform obtains MailMagnet, social CRM features, website integration with forms, auto-scheduled activities, webhooks for Google Apps. The system is famous for the inventory management that helps you increase sales, fulfill the orders, monitor the accounting activities, as well as controlling the multiple shipping integrations, etc. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the mobile and social CRM features to enhance your business and team performance.

    Price Matter
    Zoho CRM offers a free version for up to 10 users and includes 4 paid plans:

    • Standard - $12 user/month/billed annually;
    • Professional - $20 user/month/billed annually;
    • Enterprise - $35 user/month/billed annually;
    • Ultimate - $100 user/month/billed annually.

By and large, if you are the rapidly evolving company or enterprise and searching for more robust CRM to satisfy the business requirements, then the above-mentioned alternatives to Pipedrive are the ones to consider. In case you are ready to make a decision and choose the suitable solution, you can consider an automated migration service Trujay to move your information fast and securely. The SaaS offers you to perform the transfer without any programming skills or copy/paste actions, as well as provides you with the modules mapping and a free Demo Migration.

Final Shortcut

So, is your business struggling with the lack of CRM functionality, and your platform doesn’t meet the company size and needs anymore? This, it is definitely time to take the information above into consideration! Therefore, provide a free Demo Migration to one of the chosen Pipedrive alternatives and open up the new business possibilities

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