Final June CRM Digest

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Final June CRM Digest

The first summer month comes to the finish and passes its responsibilities to July. Thus, there were published a great deal of useful and interesting posts in June that’s why we are not going to let it go so easily. Today we present you the last June CRM digest where explore some hints of data management and business intelligence, marketing automation and other tricks for building customer-centric company in a digital age.

#1 Does the Web Drives You Closer to Your Customers?

Traditional modes of communications and, therefore, marketing approaches escalate your expenses but bring little results. The Internet has dramatically changed the way we communicate and do shoppings or choose services. So this CRM digest will open the post by Paul WeichselbaumThe Internet of Things Changes the Company-Customer Relationship” from Harvard Business Review. Spare a couple of minutes on this article to figure out what is the essence of developing a new type of interactions with customers for keeping the pace with your competitors.

#2 Are You A Growth Hacker or Successful Digital Marketer?

Agile performance and the cross-functional team are the must-have characteristics of a profitable business. Definitely, the automation of manual processes enhances the performance but how to use this technology in full strength for costs reduction as well. The effective answer you can find in “10 Marketing Automation Hacks All Business Should Be Using” by Aaron Agius at Entrepreneur.

#3 Key Aspects of Multichannel Marketing

Have you ever thought about the major characteristics of a modern marketer? In this CRM digest, we highly suggest you take a look at Adam Sarner’s post “Multichannel Marketers Must Think Multidimensional” at Here you will find out more about the features and knowledge your team should have for successful dealing with the issues and running outstanding performance.

#4 Make Your Data Work

The necessity of unified database and the ability to share it across the departments is a well-known or at least very often told a thing. Yet many organizations still have no clear idea how to apply this to the analytics. Bart Baesens, Wilfried Lemahieu, Monique Snoeck try to give a comprehensive answer to this issue in their post “Putting Big Data & Analytics to Work” and

#5 Does Data Open New Horizons for Your Business?

Continuing the question of data efficiency, business considers that b2b and b2c use the collected records in different ways. However, CRM or some other technology that helps you to gather the data just operate the information you have put into it. “What Do I Do with My Data?” by Kara Hoisington at Fosterers cast the light on this problem. This June was hot on the weather and useful posts. Our CRM digest covered the most interesting and practical articles with actionable pieces of advice for improving business performance. 

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