Find Yourself ‘Under the Dome’ with Your On-Premise CRM?

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Find Yourself ‘Under the Dome’ with Your On-Premise CRM?

Several years ago CRM system came into the business world as a twofold solution. It provided tools for revealing hidden sales and marketing potential and brought a change in a strategy of customer relationships building. And you, as an ambitioned business owner, have jumped on the bandwagon and implemented an on-premise CRM.

Inception of Irrevocable Changes

The choice was great, and your company hit the road to high profits and growing customer loyalty. Your staff enjoyed the fast system with cutting-edge functionality that facilitated their daily routine. All customer data was at managers fingertips and aided marketing campaigns, as well as cross-selling and upselling processes. Consistency and profitability ruled your company up to one day when everything has run aground.

The collaboration and balance of forces between marketing and sales departments were in the past. Now, these managers became power-obsessed and set up a fight for the leading role in the on-premise CRM. But something went wrong with the hardware and system were abruptly separated from the outside world by an impassable and invisible barrier.

Delusional Admins And System Destruction

Apart from being put in a flash box, your CRM becomes restricted for the top management, and all users acquired limited access to the file storage and clients data. The system breakdown was caused by the admins who tried to deal with security matter by themselves. As a result of their saving campaigns, a lot of crucial records and files were lost or damaged. Admins forget the golden rule of the constantly updated database and haven’t backup the information.

Support Service Managers Take A Burden of Responsibility

The disruption of your on-premise CRM triggered the emails, follow-ups and invoices sending out what made even the most loyal of your customers furious. And they continue to overwhelm your support managers with angry messages and accuse in all woes. As long as support team has limited access to the data, they can’t get in the client problems. Besides, even the most experienced and stress resistant managers are on the verge of a nervous breakdown and have no idea how to resolve these issues.

Marketers vs. Sales Reps: Chief Psychos Try Take Over the CRM

During the good old days, marketing and sales managers fought for the leading place and insisted on calling the shots on the projects and campaigns. And current situation became a sheer disaster. The taste of power is like potato chips; you can’t stop with just one. So, sales reps who were responsible for data entry excluded marketing department from the access to the system and data. Such an extreme behavior of salespeople was even more intricate in communication with customers. Their offers were far away from clients’ needs, interests because sales reps stated they know better what do their customers really need.

To save customer audience and improve the dropping deals rates and retention levels, marketing managers decide it is high time to deal with this ‘under the dome’ situation. They started with trying to apply new third-party add-ons and make attempts to use a multi-channel approach to their campaigns. But the locked-down nature of the on-premise CRM kept them cut off from the outside world. The last resort they found in begging the super admin to change their current CRM and move to the cloud solution for saving a business from collapse.

Silver Lining for Your Business

In the growing influence of digitalization and social media, the company running becomes similar to the science fiction novel ‘Under the Dome’ by Stephen King. Your CRM is slow and requires high-end hardware for proper working, as well as devoted IT team for efficient maintenance. Furthermore, there are limits to the system integration and scalability, and you should always keep up with the CRM upgrades. Another negative aspect is a restriction from social media interaction and lack of the in-house collaboration.

In case, you have listened to your employees and arrive at a decision to move from your on-premise CRM to the cloud; there is a practical option of data shift. You may use the automated service Trujay and switch to the desired CRM for several hours without coding and importing. Don’t hesitate and set up a free Demo Migration right now!

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