Get Prepared for CRM Data Migration: Ascend to Action [Part 1]

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Get Prepared for CRM Data Migration: Ascend to Action [Part 1]

Running a business is a very exciting and challenging process. Especially, when there is no room for your far-reaching objectives and the CRM tools that helped you yesterday, will become counterproductive tomorrow. After second thoughts, you have decided to migrate from your current platform. Now you need to solve two essential issues: how to choose the appropriate CRM platform and decide what data will be moved to your brand-new application.

Obviously, the CRM data migration is a process that requires thorough preparations. In case, you made vital decisions on the spot, you should be ready for unpleasant consequences. So, here is a list of pre-migration steps that will facilitate the switch performance and deprive from dreadful outcomes in the future.

1. Try on Your New CRM

Before the migration, you should analyse and compare the opportunities of various CRM systems. In case, you have already found your future platform that suits your demands, you can check up the automation abilities, as well as the customization and integration options. Almost every CRM platform offers a trial version so, you can test the main features and tools and evaluate its functioning.

2. Separate Data into Parts

You should bring all your data in an order before performing any migration process. The obsolete records should be removed from the data that is still in effect. You can create the extensive reports for the analysis and distribution of CRM data within your current system. Using the priority as a foundation, you may arrange your records into the following categories.

  • Customers are the core of your business. You need to gather the full contact and related information about each client. In case, there are some gaps, you should fill in the missing fields where it is possible. Besides, the section can have a subdivision into major, existing, and targeted customers.
  • Leads and prospects are important as they can become your future clients. The results of effective content, email messages and deployed sales tactics may be useful for time and budget saving in the future.
  • Buying history. The lists of products and services bounded to customers, as well as request and invoices, enable you with knowing which aspects and offers where efficient and brought a considerable revenue level.
  • Reporting records empower you with the key information about the performing and results of the campaigns and the duration of sales cycles. These are the sufficient data for improving the approaching and methods of managing the given sources.

3. Wipe Out Useless Data

CRM platforms offer the constant updating and refining of your data. Nevertheless, there is always a certain amount of useless information that has only the impact on the storage space. Before CRM data migration, establish the tasks of the refining and deleting futile input. That will save your money and time during the switch.

4. Prepare a Backup Plan

The cooperation with technology can have some unpleasant accidents. So, in order to avoid any dramatic scenario and restore records losses, you need to backup your company information and store an off-site copy. The automated CRM data migration excludes the side-effects of human interaction or coding methods, so your records are secured from public access or losses. However, you’d better make a data backup of your current CRM platform. The software provides its users with such an option. However, it is worth to mention that in some CRM platforms this feature is paid.

So, there is only 5 simple steps for preparing your CRM data to migration. If you keep up to them, the switch to your new CRM will be successful and straightforward. The revaluated data and advantageous tools of CRM platform will help you to keep the toe hold and transform the workplace. This series of articles about data migration is awaited in the nearest future.

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