Highrise vs Insightly: Choose the Right Side of Business Road

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Highrise vs Insightly: Choose the Right Side of Business Road

Small businesses become competitive with the large companies and enterprises and therefore require the CRM software for improving their service and performance, as well as save time and resources.

Having a tight budget, vendors look for the affordable solution with the comprehensive tool sets for handling the cumbersome processes. CRM industry takes care of SMBs market and enables it with various efficient platforms. Among the most popular and practical you will find Highrise and Insightly.

These CRM platforms offer a cloud hosting and other effective features for facilitating your performance. Besides, the clash Highrise vs Insightly is justified as long as these systems are peers. So, let’s draw up a critical review of CRM for SMBs.

Highrise vs Insightly: Comparing Capabilities and Options

Highrise is a suite of applications that helps you to organize the in-house workflow and build customer relationships via comprehensive communication.

Insightly, in its turn, offers you easy administration, a number of built-in tools for effective data and staff management and extended interaction with clients via social networks.

  • Contact Manager as a Customer Insight

Highrise enables you with creating 2 types of contacts as a certain person and organization. However, you have no ability to convert them into the other one. You also may import your contacts via CSV and Excel files or Microsoft Outlook.

Insightly provides you with a bird’s eye customer view on a single dashboard. The CRM offers you to create contacts for a specific customer, accounts for running relationships with companies and enables you with a lead management in order to increase your targeted and loyal audience. You also may import contacts from CSV and Excel files, as well as synchronize your contacts with Outlook or Gmail accounts.

  • Opportunities and Tasks: Speed Up Your Processes

Highrise grants you built-in task tool, yet you need to install third-party adds-on for event and calendar. The platform offers a comprehensive deal manager that consists of 3 stages: pending, won and lost. There are no customizations, you may only add some notes or attachments. Highrise has a single working area and allows you to use standard filters for the in-house search.

Within Insightly, you can create tasks and milestones for a certain worker, group or the whole department as well. The built-in calendar keeps you informed about all the changes and file sharing among the teams allows performing tasks faster and more productively. Besides, you may design a specific pipeline and monitor the changes in every phase of your deal. Insightly delivers you a linking option that connects all the records related to a certain contact or account.

  • System Mobility and Integration Levels

The platform supports only iPhone mobile app, so you have to install an extra plugin for managing Highrise on your Android, Blackberry or Windows phone. This CRM integrates with other solutions of 37Signals, as well as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Insightly offers you a mobile version of a site, as well as iPad, iPhone, and Android Apps. The platform integrates with various add-ons, back-office systems, and the most popular social networks Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Picasa, Gravatar and Klout.

  • Customization and Support Service Scope

Highrise enables you with limited customization options; you can add extra fields, change the theme color and download your logo. Customer support presented by the online knowledge base, ticket submission, and ‘Highrise Answers’ self-service portal.

Insightly is a highly customizable platform that allows you to edit, add new and delete unnecessary custom fields for contacts, organizations, opportunities and projects. It also supplies you with the knowledge base and email support service.

Pricing Policy: Matter of Expenses

The cost for the abilities plays a vital role for any business size due to the influence on the budget. So, the first significant difference between Highrise and Insightly lies in the platforms’ editions.

Highrise provides you with a 30 days trial and offers 6 versions.

  • Free plan - 2 users, no storage, and 250 contacts
  • Solo plan - 1 user, $29/month, 5 GB file storage, unlimited deals and 20K contacts
  • Basic - up to 6 users, $24/month, 10 deals, 5GB storage and 5,000 contacts
  • Plus - up to 15 users, $49/month, unlimited deals, 15GB storage and 20,000 contacts
  • Premium - up to 40 users, $99/month, unlimited deals, 30GB file storage, 30,000 contacts
  • Max - unlimited users, $149/month, unlimited deals, 75GB storage, 50,000 contacts

Insightly suggests you 14 days demo version of the premium version and offers 3 plans.

  • Gratis - free plan for start-ups, up to 3 users, 40 custom fields, 200MB storage and 2,500 records
  • Standard - $7 user/month (annually billing) or $9 user/month (monthly billing) - unlimited users and storage, 100 custom fields, 100,000 records, customization and integration abilities
  • Enterprise - requires contacting with Sales Reps - unlimited users, storage and records, 100 custom fields and extended integration options

As you can see, Highrise and Insightly are cost-effective solutions. However, Insightly offers more comprehensive pricing.

Bottom Line

It goes without saying, the mentioned above CRM platforms facilitate business performance and aids in ROI growing and cost reducing. However, the juxtaposition Highrise vs Insightly shows that Insightly delivers more simple and effective tools for gaining better results. So, if you think about migration from Highrise to Insightly, there is a practical and secure way to manage this tasks with Trujay. Without flattering terms, set up a free Demo and evaluate the automated and hands-off service in action.

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