Highrise vs Insightly vs Salesforce: A Major Fixture for Business Growth

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Highrise vs Insightly vs Salesforce: A Major Fixture for Business Growth


The enormous flow of information complicates the effective and prolific business running, as well as discourages small companies at the beginning stage. CRM systems help to deal with these cumbersome processes. Solutions are packed with capabilities for storing and displaying critical data, establishing and growing customer relationships and enhancing a decision-making process.


Cloud CRM As A Land of Unlimited Opportunities

Despite the robust sets of tools, CRM platforms cost a pretty penny and SMBs can afford them. The appearance of cloud CRM solutions opened the door to the cutting-edge technology that small and midsized businesses were restricted from. Among the practical SaaS CRM, you will find three leaders Highrise vs Insightly vs Salesforce. Being mobile by nature, these platforms enable the core functionalities, allow you to create and modify records on the go, and can be scaled up and down to the company’s needs.


Highrise vs Insightly vs Salesforce: Edge Your Way in the Business World

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A lot of business owners find themselves lost at sea when it comes to the choice of a suitable solution. Highrise offers a comprehensive contact manager with an attractive price. Insightly has extended options to data arrangement and baseline processes driving, while Salesforce is a fully-functional solution with a wide range of various capabilities. To facilitate this vital issue, you need to compare these CRM platforms according to the following 9 criteria.


#1 Cost of CRM Subscriptions

The price of licenses is a crucial factor in CRM software selection. Highrise vs Insightly vs Salesforce have a different number of editions and policies. Yet, all solutions provide you with the trial version.


Highrise offers 4 paid editions:

  • Basic - up to 6 users for $24/month
  • Plus - up to 15 users for $49/month
  • Premium - up to 40 users for $99/month
  • Max - unlimited users for $149/month


Insightly provides you with a free edition for up to 2 users and 3 different subscriptions:

  • Plus - $29 user/month (annual billing) or $35 user/month (monthly billing)
  • Professional - $49 user/month (annual billing) or $59 user/month (monthly billing)
  • Enterprise - $99 user/month (annual billing) or $129 user/month (monthly billing)


Salesforce proposes 3 different paid versions for small business that require an annual contract.

  • Lightning Essentials – $25/user/month/billed annually.
  • Lightning Professional – $75/user/month/billed annually.
  • Lightning Enterprise – $150user/month/billed annually.
  • Lightning Unlimited – $300/user/month/billed annually.
  • To learn more about Salesforce pricing, read an article "What is Salesforce CRM Pricing: 2018 Behind-the-Scenes".


#2 User Interface Concerns

Highrise has the most simple UI as long as the system has sidebar navigation and no dashboards. Insightly offers you an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that increases the speed of user adoption. Salesforce, in its turn, UI is quite comprehensive and doesn’t complicate the performance of a daily round.


#3 Features of Contact Management

The contact manager is the core of any CRM solution. Highrise allows you to store records of separate customers, as well as companies. You may add extra fields, but you can’t convert an organization into a client and vice versa. Insightly and Salesforce offer separate dashboards for contacts and accounts with all related data to a specific customer.


#4 Tools for Lead Generation

With these CRM solutions, you can send emails, monitor social media profiles of your contacts and track customer information. However, only Salesforce has lead management that allows you to capture prospects via different channels, score them and ensure that these clients will become the end-customers.


#5 Attributes of Sales and Marketing Facilitation

Highrise offers you deals and tasks options for tracking the changes in staff performance and transaction status. Insightly offers you the projects, opportunities, and tasks for enhancement of everyday processes and keeps the pulse on the changes. Salesforce offers extended tools for sales processes management that include forecasting, performance tracking and inside sales console. Also, this solution offers marketing automation for faster and more responsive campaigns.

#6 Customization Scope

Highrise customization boils down to adding few fields in the contact manager, changing the theme and downloading a company’s logo. Within Insightly and Salesforce, you can design new custom fields, add or delete modules and set up conditions for a workflow.


#7 Business Intelligence: Reports and Analytics

Analytics is a vital tool for business success. In Highrise CRM, you can filter information, but the solution has no reporting tool. Insightly and Salesforce offer you an analytic option that can be customized to your needs. Both solutions enable custom and specific reports. Yet, Salesforce provides more detailed business intelligence with various report charts and tables.


#8 Integration Abilities

Highrise integrates with Twitter and Facebook, as well as other add-ons via Dropbox account. Insightly and Salesforce enable synchronization with mailboxes, social media networks, back-office systems, and various third-party integrations.


#9 Customer Service

To solve the issues within Highrise, you can use the knowledge base or self-service portals. Insightly helps you to deal with questions through ticket management, online knowledge base, and portal. Salesforce offers multi-channel support via social media, phone, and email, youtube videos, and portal.

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Drawing a Bottom Line

As you can see, the battle Highrise vs Insightly vs Salesforce has no single winner because all solutions are worth your attention. Each of them has slight drawbacks and strong sides that may fulfill the demands of your business strategy in full scale. In case, you consider about moving to Highrise, Insightly or Salesforce; you may use an automated service Trujay. This solution offers a swift, accurate and bidirectional migration without coding or data importing. Set up a free Sample import and see the SaaS in action.


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