Highrise vs Zoho: Select A Staunch Ally for Business Success

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Highrise vs Zoho: Select A Staunch Ally for Business Success

The implementation of CRM is the step forward to business reorganization and improvement. Being a strategy itself, CRM platform helps you to get more leads and convert more customers with the facilitation of complex baseline processes.

Recently, the hosted in the cloud segment of CRM industry has increased its influence and implementation rates. The SaaS solutions attract small businesses by higher investments return, reduce expenses on hardware and IT support, as well as swift service and round-the-clock access. Highrise and Zoho draw a considerable audience due to the simple usage, practical feature packages, and cost-effective pricing policies. With the help of these solutions, your performance will be smoother and prolific. Yet, Highrise and Zoho differ in their capabilities and scalability levels.

Fresh Look at the CRM Platforms

The comparison of Highrise vs Zoho allows you to see the peculiarities of each solution. Both systems appeared less than 10 years ago, and represent the CRM platforms for small businesses. Highrise is a featured contact manager that handles data arrangement and tasks accomplishment. This cloud CRM takes care of establishing close contact with customers. Zoho CRM is a full suite of applications that enables you with a comprehensive data management, automation of sales and marketing processes and multi-channel support service.

Price as A Noteworthy Aspect

The amount of subscription influence the choice of CRM solution, so here are the key elements of Highrise vs Zoho pricing policies. Highrise offers a 30-days trial, a free plan for 2 users without storage and 250 contacts. CRM has 5 paid editions with varying options for users, storage, deals number and the amount of contacts.

  • Solo - 1 user for $29/month, 5GB storage, unlimited deals and 20,000 contacts
  • Basic - up to 6 users at $24/month, 5GB storage, 10 deals, 5,000 contacts
  • Plus - up to 15 users at $49/month, 15GB storage, unlimited deals, 20,000 contacts
  • Premium - up to 40 users at $99/month, 30GB storage, unlimited deals, 30,000 contacts
  • Max - unlimited users for $149/month, 75GB, unlimited deals, 50,000 contacts

Zoho provides its users with 14 days trial and 5 editions with various abilities. The solution offers you the monthly and annually billing.

  • Free 10 - completely free of charge version for 10 users with lead and contact managers, opportunities, tasks, web-forms, 1GB storage and 25,000 contacts, etc.
  • Standard - $12 user/month (annually billing), $15 user/month (monthly billing)
  • Professional - $20 user/month (annually billing), $25 user/month (monthly billing)
  • Enterprise - $35 user/month (annually billing), $40 user/month (monthly billing)
  • CRM Plus - $50 user/month (annually billing), $60 user/month (monthly billing)

Obviously, in the pricing matter, Zoho costs more than Highrise. Yet, the functionality of the Zoho is more featured and efficient than tools offered by Highrise.

Highrise vs Zoho: Contrast in Capabilities

Generally, Highrise and Zoho can be viewed from the data management, system administration, scope for improvement and client service angles.

  • CRM Basic Features

Highrise delivers you with a comprehensive UI and sidebar navigation as long as this platform has no dashboards. Contact manager allows you to create records for separate people as a client, as well as companies or organizations. However, separate person contact can’t be converted into the company and vice versa. Zoho enables you with far more efficient options with the intuitive and customizable interface. It offers you a contact, lead and account management, as well as sales and marketing automation. This platform also supplies a customer segmentation and analytics tools that Highrise lacks.

  • Tools Processes Facilitation

Highrise offers a deal management with default stages: pending, won and lost. You may create tasks and assign them to your workers. Yet, Highrise has no built-in calendar, so you need to install event management via 3rd party integration. Zoho provides you with the automation of the workflow and opportunity manager for the marketing and sales performance advancement. Besides, there is a built-in calendar and customizable emails, notification, and alerts sending outs.

  • Opportunities for Advancement 

Highrise and Zoho support mobile versions, but integration abilities of these solutions differ considerably. Highrise can synchronize your mail only via Dropbox, and integrate with Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Zoho offers you an open API key that allows you to synchronize with various social media networks, add-ons, and back-office systems.

  • In-House Interaction

Highrise enables you with notes creation and documents attachments that can be seen by other users. In its turn, Zoho provides a built-in file sharing and inside social network for better cross-department communication.

  • Customer Support Question

The speed and quality of support service have a considerable impact on the development of company-customer relationships. Highrise supplies a ticket management, knowledge base, and customer-to-customer portal. Zoho provides multi-channel support via live-chat, phone calls, emails, social media messages, knowledge base and help desk.

Points to Conclusion

Drawing up a summarizing line, the confrontation Highrise vs Zoho ends up with your well-distinguished business directions. These platforms provide a competitive toolset and user-friendly interfaces. Besides, the customization and integration options extend the borders of your business performance and reveal the hidden potential of your staff. There is a great opportunity for those who want to switch from Highrise to Zoho or in the opposite direction from Zoho to Highrise CRM. The automated solution Trujay offers a fast and accurate migration. Set up a free Demo and evaluate the work of the web-based service free of coding, importing and human interaction.

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