How AI Can Transform Your CRM Software In 2019

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How AI Can Transform Your CRM Software In 2019

Sales and marketing pros are the most significant asset for a business as these professionals deal with the end customers. But intense competition has made it extremely challenging for them to handle relationships with end customers and qualified prospects. Moreover, because of the tech-savvy landscape and digitization, this task has become even more complex.


Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) are those tech platforms which let sellers collect, control, and utilize customer information in a better manner so that to formulate future strategies for maximizing sales.


According to Statista, the market revenue of CRM software is expected to amount to approximately 21.1 billion U.S. Dollars by 2021. Entrepreneurs empower their marketing teams with comprehensive CRM solutions which they can use for figuring out unique ways to engage with existing customers and prospects.


But, due to the dynamism and changing requirements of customers, it's not enough for contemporary businesses to invest in one of the right CRM tools. They have to integrate the platforms with advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make the process much more simple and streamlined.


Implementing AI with CRM integration has become a necessity for predicting customer behavior based on past patterns and gain useful insights into their specific pain points as well as needs. Let's explore the potential of this modern technology which promises to transform the CRM software landscape in 2019.



1. Automated Collection Of Data To Save Marketers' Time & Let Them Focus On Important Matters
AI-powered CRM systems like an Insightly alternative CRM Benchpoint can gather customer-related data from multiple platforms such as social media channels automatically. This saves a lot of time for busy marketing pros and allows them to pay attention to the matters which are more valuable such as coming up with campaigns and activities to grab quality leads and increase conversions through their sales pipeline stages. for their organizations. Also, they can focus on nurturing quality prospects and optimize every stage of the funnel for boosting sales.
Moreover, these AI tools can predict customer behavior or actions by analyzing their past conduct. The insights can be used by marketers to provide each prospect with fresh and relevant content which is optimized in accordance with their personal interests.



2. Customization Of Prospects For Optimizing The Engagement Strategy
With the help of AI-driven CRM solutions, sellers can customize and segment quality prospects and identify ways to approach them in the best possible manner. These tech tools work with the ML algorithms keep track of all the data related to the targeted audience.
Based on careful evaluation of the data these platforms can recommend the best possible ways to connect with those customers. Also, these solutions can identify personalized messages that resonate with a particular set of customers.



3. Identification Of Quality Leads For Maximizing The Chance Of Conversions
CRM tools can store massive amounts of data related to your existing customers as well as prospects. But not all prospects will get involved with your business. But AI can empower the CRM system with the ability to sift through thousands of leads daily and analyzing to recognize the ones who are most likely to make a purchase.
Moreover, AI-powered CRM tools can be seamlessly integrated with the landing page of your web portal which is one of your biggest promotional weapons. You can partner with an experienced web development agency who can optimize the design of the landing page to ensure that quality leads enter the sales funnel easily. Also, you can strategize and make efforts to convince them to convert.



4. Virtual Assistants For Automating Mundane Processes & Accelerate The Entire CRM Workflow
AI-powered Virtual assistants can automate several repetitive CRM tasks for marketing professionals such as sending follow-ups, recording client reactions, recovery activities, and messages. Also, automated execution of complex processes helps in removing all errors which might happen due to human intervention.
Salesforce’s Einstein and Zia from Zoho are two AI-powered CRM platforms that use voice commands to let organizations acquire information from simple to complex data. Also, these tools make the information more accessible.



5. Retention Of Customers With Prompt & Improved Support
Along with grabbing and converting prospects, it's equally essential to look after existing customers and provide them with the best post-sale services. AI integration can make your CRM platform capable to identify customers who have suddenly lost their interest in your brand. Also, these tools can allow you to understand their specific pain points and work accordingly to improvise future services.


AI can easily transform CRM software platforms and make them much more efficient and reliable than ever. Marketers can use these AI-driven relationship management solutions for enhancing their reach and grabbing more leads. So, it’s good to invest some more time and money rather than struggling to switch directions afterward when it's already too late.

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