How CRM for Media Cuts to Pieces All Business Challenges

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How CRM for Media Cuts to Pieces All Business Challenges

 The modern business landscape is remarkable with ongoing technology innovation, demanding and savvy audience, and strong demands for mobility and relevancy of the services. Newspapers, radio, TV providers and other media companies are facing the pressure of the quality, timely and consistent content. Responding to these demands requires business strategy and model reinventing, as well as the implementation of CRM for media to build and nurture relationships with customers.

Modern Standpoint of Entertainment Market

With the tremendous growth of this industry, media companies have considerably extended their services and created new marketing niches. Apart from delivering the information to the subscribers, these organizations run cross-selling and upselling activities and offer great capabilities to reach the targeted market. The growing value of social networks and a subscription to on-demand providers intensified the disruption with traditional channels, as well as promote the new bi-directional communication mode with customers. However, even those organizations that interact with customers in the social networks usually fail to provide the relevant and timely content and analyze the audience preferences. The implementation of CRM for media is far more than designing a single platform for interaction with customers as it provides built-in value-added services for improving the relationships quality, automation of manual work, reporting and follow-ups. Trends And Insights for Media Industry AdvancementThe 2015th brought the next set of innovations for media industry that is highly advised to pay attention during the process of strategy planning:

  • As clients have switched the business models in every sector of the market, broadcasting and publishing companies should extend their delivery channels with new approaches and devices.
  • To outpace your competitors, these organizations have to change their mindset and stop relying on traditional and legacy methods of business running.
  • The adoption of CRM for media becomes a common practice, and many organizations choose the cloud solutions due to the low-cost of licenses, advanced mobility and integration opportunities with back-office and third-party solutions.

CRM for Media As A Band-Aid

Some people consider CRM a buzzword, others implement this technology and improve their performance and revenue rates. The question what exactly can media industry gain from it. Let’s compile a checklist of the CRM benefits for this business sector.

  1. 360-degree view of customers and partners with the improved transparency of data across the company departments
  2. automated lead, campaign, project management for improving the performance productivity
  3. enabled customer self-service and live chat support
  4. built-in quote, order, and billing tools for running clear and timely financial processes
  5. extended analytics for tracking the performance efficiency, plan budget, and keep track of lead across the buyer’s journey using the sales funnel
  6. integration of third-party apps, mailboxes, and back-office systems helps to keep your team on the same page and aware of all updates and innovations
  7. advanced data quality with tools for deduplication and tracking the copies right away at the record entry phase
  8. the workflow tool helps to map out the data, relations, and process flow specifically for the business strategy flexible architecture of the CRM allows to customize it and tailor for your requirements

Options & Alternatives of CRM for Media Companies

As the technology evolves, the CRM market provides the avalanche of various options and alternatives. The full range of solutions complicates the selection process as there are specific industry systems and universal solutions. Such market leaders as Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho and Insightly will fulfill the demands of the media industry. However, Bitrix24 and PipelineDeals are also worth your attention. In a nutshell, with CRM you get the single platform for managing customer data and developing relationships, automate and advance marketing and sales processes, as well as deliver timely quality service and outstanding buying experience.

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