How to Avoid CRM Migration Pitfalls

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How to Avoid CRM Migration Pitfalls

In today's business world, data transfer is a pretty standard and often necessary task. Quickly developing technologies offer new possibilities, but also set down additional requirements on those businesses, that want to stay successful and competitive. The same is with CRM platforms. A system that was once efficient and helpful might become outdated, subsequently rising the need to migrate all of the data to a more modern solution. However, a CRM change is a dreaded task for many business owners, for the tool often stores thousands of valuable records, and losing them would be a disaster.

To ensure a safe transfer and avoid any potential CRM migration pitfalls, it is advised to make some preparations for the process carefully and establish the necessary activities ahead.

So, here are 5 tips to make your data migration as smooth as possible and avoid some CRM implementation risks.

Identify Goals and Realise What You Need

It might seem obvious, but this step is often avoided. If you decided to change your CRM platform to a new one then your company perhaps outgrew the old one or you need a price change. You definitely migrate your solution for a reason. So, before searching for another platform, define what you need your system to do.

Ask your team what features the old solution was missing, and what functionalities they need.

Build Up A Plan of Data Transfer

Data migration is a complex process that requires a single plan, team and budget.

The CRM transfer begins with planning, defining a value of records and distribution of responsibilities. Establishing communication between stakeholders and departments comes here too.

Also, it is essential to define what data you will migrate and what will exclude. This will help you to see how much data do you have, what is important and what’s not.    

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Prepare and Analyse the Data

It is a common thing that CRM data can get messy sometimes, as it is being added to the platform almost nonstop. To avoid CRM migration challenges in the process of transfer, structure and clean up your data.

If necessary, do a records’ optimization. Business data is often stored in unstructured and insecure ways. So, before importing it into the desired CRM solution optimize it. When the info is structured, it is much easier to transfer and increases chances the import will be accurate and successful.

Do a Backup of Your Data

To every business owner his business data is the most important, so obviously preparing a backup of your data will be a wise solution, just in case.

Some CRM platforms have an option of data export into CSV/Excel files. Those who do, often offer to export only some particular fields, for example, only Users, Contacts, Leads, etc.

Trujay, an automated data migration service, offers you an option of data export from any CRM platform directly into CSV/Excel files automatically.

It is possible to move all of your data with saved relations between the records without any limitations. That means, when you decide to transfer data from CSV/Excel files to another CRM system, the records will have the same connections as it was in the previous CRM platform.



Pick Up a Tool or Service to Simplify the Migration Process

Automating various migration-related tasks can save you a considerable amount of time and effort.

To make your data transition less time-consuming take advantage of the automated migration service Trujay.

The SaaS benefits its users with the following functionalities:

  • Data security and Privacy. Trujay complies with the GDPR requirements. The service excludes the possibility of the records loss. As well, you can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • Data Mapping. Trujay offers its users a possibility to map modules and users by themselves. Also, the system warns users about unmapped fields and gives them the ability to choose available options.
  • Users Mapping. Select the future CRM user to assign the current CRM user’s data to it. You can create users on the future platform. Then, reload the page and see the changes.
  • 100% Uptime for Both CRMs. The service eliminates the business delay during the CRM data import.
  • Sample Migration. You can run a free Sample Migration and check the SaaS in action. The service will transfer the limited amount of data with saved relations between the records.

To Conclude

Even though the CRM data migration process may seem complicated at first, in reality, it’s all about the proper planning and organization. Preparations are actually a success guarantee for the whole entrepreneurship. Consider these tips on how to avoid CRM migration pitfalls and modify them to fit the particular demands of your case.


Transfer to your future CRM limited amount of your current data by running a free Sample migration,  and enjoy using the desired solution today!

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