How to Choose a Right CRM? 5 Aspects to Examine in 2017

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How to Choose a Right CRM? 5 Aspects to Examine in 2017

The process of searching and choosing a CRM for your company is a challenging task. The right platform should help your business manage the processes efficiently and achieve the highest levels of customer centricity. But the keyword here is right. You have to find a CRM that connects your team, tracks sales, and provides you meaningful insights. In short, you need a CRM solution that fits your organization’s requirements and aligns with business objectives.

So, how do you go about choosing a right CRM for your company? Knowing that all CRM systems are different is a start, but here are the several factors to consider when choosing a right CRM for your business:

#1 Assure CRM Scalability

You are planning to purchase a platform for growing your business. Will your CRM evolve with your organization? For instance: if you decide to add the sales channels to your company, a number of closed deals will increase. At this point, can your system manage the new customers with the extended amount of data?

This is just one of many examples why your CRM should be able to keep the pace with company growth. The platform has to be dynamic and scalable to exclude the possibility of holding back the business development and success.

#2 Search for a Productive Solution

CRM market of 2017 will include an increased number of the feature-rich platforms full of configuration and customization options. However, some of the CRM systems can be too complex for the business processes and may easily overwhelm your employees. You should pay attention to the platform that can smooth the sales cycle and provide with access to relevant customer information swiftly. Besides, the mobile CRM will become one of the most essential factors in this year. Make sure your future platform will include this functionality.

#3 Determine CRM Metrics

Many businesses fail to derive the essential conclusions from the CRM numbers they receive. In other words, you should choose a CRM that can readily provide you with the insights to improve your business performance. Consider the most popular CRM metrics:

  • Incoming Deals Volume Report breaks down a number of deals recorded over a period of time to the percentage of totals sales.

  • Sales Forecasting shows you a total value of closed deals in the pipeline and how much of that amount your company can expect to bring in.

  • Sales Revenue Goals monitors the individual and team revenue objectives over a given period.  

  • Won Deals provides you with an amount of closed sales (by each employee) within a particular timeframe.

  • Sales Funnel Analysis indicates where your team stands at all stages in the pipeline and what your company will lose or gain.

#5 Run CRM Test Drive

Trying out the future platform is a critical step when choosing a right CRM. You can make sure the desired solution delivers the promised functionality, meets the highest standards of usability, and can integrate seamlessly with your business processes. Allow your team members to thoroughly explore the features and ask their feedback. This will help you identify the bright and dull sides of the platform. Besides, you can determine what difficulties your employees encounter and prepare the tutorials for better user adoption. Among the most popular solutions, Salesforce, SugarCRM or Bitrix24 offer you the free trials to test the features and implementation process of the solutions.

#4 Analyze the Pricing Model

One of the inevitable aspects of choosing a right CRM is the cost matter. Find out what features are included in the price and how much functionality should you add. Also, you may consider the fact that some platforms include the hidden fees. So, take your time to investigate the CRM pricing and find the solution to fit your budget.

By and large, the key aspects mentioned above can simplify a task of choosing a right CRM for your company. In case you are ready to make a final decision and want to move the records from CSV files or the existing CRM to the desired solution, Trujay can help you transfer the information effortlessly. An automated migration service offers you the following beneficial features:

  • eliminate the possibility of any data loss with the security regulations. You can also sign Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA).

  • map the fields in accordance with your business requirements. When you notice that some items are not mapped, choose the available choices. If you see that entities are not mapped and don’t have the corresponding ones on the desired platform, create the custom fields to move the data.

  • take advantage of users mapping. Choose a future CRM user to assign the records of the current platform’s user. In case a drop-down box does not offer an option for the desired user, create it on the destination solution. After that, reload the page to observe the changes.

  • exclude any business interruptions with the help of the service. The SaaS guarantees 100% uptime for both CRMs.

  • run a free Demo Migration to check the process in action. Trujay will transfer the limited amount of information together with relations between the items.

  • perform the migration without coding, copy/pasting or programming.

  • clean out the copies of data with deduplication feature included in the Service Package.

Let’s talk about how we can work together.

The Last Nail

Every business is unique, and your desired platform should match the specific requirements of the company. Choosing the right CRM will ensure the future success and bring your organization the desired results. So, take your time and hints mentioned above during CRM selection to make your final decision properly. 

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