How to Choose Business Dashboard That Inspire Actions

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How to Choose Business Dashboard That Inspire Actions

Building an agile, harmonious, and accurate real-time overview of organization performance is difficult without a business dashboard. Thus, figuring out how to select the fitting tool and KPIs to come over with data-led decisions is even harder. As the reliable data routes the managemental decisions, it also changes the way you run the operations and performance.

We all agree that it’s important, especially in a business sense, to avoid manual information entry and connect tools and apps via APIs. Due to this technology, you extend the variety of data to analyze, and ensure its security and accuracy. To get more value of experience with business dashboard, it’s highly advisable to choose the application with integration capabilities (i.e. accounting systems, CRMs, email or marketing automation, web analytics, etc.)

4 Assets of Business Dashboard Tools

In the recent years, the period of KPI dashboard neglection has finished, and these apps become even mandatory for performance measuring and optimization. The core feature of business dashboards is to simplify the complex reporting processes and literally put data into work.

So, the efficient application provides the next number of options to get the in-depth look under the hood of your business engine:

#1 Visual Analytics and Widgets

The data perception is a highly-energy process, people prefer to see information in small pieces. The tool with a rich set of reporting components: pivot tables, bar/line charts, KPI widgets, colorful gauges, and filters - is one of the most effective in presenting the full picture of the performance.

#2 Ongoing Upturns

They say if you can measure it, you can improve it. The business dashboard should offer the selection of metrics and KPIs to guarantee that you discover the insights and generate solutions to boost the efficiency in weak areas, and don’t miss the successful spots to preserve the profits.

#3 Time Accumulation

The tendency of big data created the need for collecting tons of records to make informed decisions to move business forward. So far, the dashboard building requires a secure connection to data sources with an ability of the continuous update to provide real-time information.

#4 Performance vs. Plan

Business dashboard turns information into insights and allows to compare and contrast it with the set goals and objectives. At the same time, you should refine the data and reports you collect to provide the valid and relevant data to your teams. The tool also should provide a role-based access and employees reports to further performance improvement.

Using these aspects as the basis, you can extrapolate a business dashboard that will be practical and easy to apply for your audience, product, and organization in general. The point of the cost doesn’t include into the requirement list as the implementation of the suitable application will prove the ROI of the upfront and support expenses.

Business Dashboard: Take Right Angle And Deep Tone

Anticipating the changes in technology and market innovations, the following business intelligence applications can help you in adaptation to fast-growing processes and get ahead of the competitors.

#1 Exago

This business intelligence tool provides the reporting and visualization opportunities. Exago suits both types of users: technical and non-technical. Moreover, the business dashboard delivers the express, standard, cross-tab and scheduled reports, various charts and graphics, user-defined formulas, multiple types of report outputs, and support for mobile platforms.

For the price of the service, you need to get in touch with the Exago team.

#2 Chartio

Optimization of SQL and data queries offered by Chartio helps to extend the limits of information usage, plus, there is a customization option that allows writing your own scripts. The business intelligence app enables data models and standard and complex formulas to get the relevant, accurate reports. With Chartio, you have a role-based access and ability to share the reports through the company.

To figure out the subscription plan, contact the sales department.  

#3 iDashboards

The iDashboards’ portfolio with the drill downs, picklists, pivots, etc. along with the cross-platform support of various devices appears as practical and efficient business dashboard tool. With this app, you can gather data from various sources and transform it without programming.

The app offers a 30 days trial, and the service price requires getting in touch.

#4 QlikView

To fulfill your intricate analytical needs, QuickView will tell you all the story your data hides in graphs and visuals. Apart form customizations and rich report options, the business dashboard, allows to create custom apps and connect with other software via APIs. Moreover, QuickView enables the role-based access and security of data management.

Contact with the team to get more details on pricing.

#5 Roambi Analytics

Roambi represents an enterprise level business dashboard tool that guarantees the high level of scalability and flexibility. In the list of leading features of this app is the security matter, multiple data sources, easy deployment, and customizations. In tandem of multi-language support, the business intelligence tool ensures the access and sharing of the reports within the organization and outside it (i.e. clients, stakeholders, etc.)

Roambi provides a free plan (up to 5 users), and paid plans go from $39 user/month (10-100 users) and $59 user/month (min. 50 users).

Final Brush Up

As there is no place at the top for the outdated technology, a major lead in the business race gets the platforms that adapt the cutting-edge tools into decision-making processes. The niche of business dashboard apps is diverse, and each of them can troubleshoot and fix the issues you have with the data and its interpretation. And one of the mentioned above dashboards may embrace the challenges you face and drive your business to higher results and revenues.

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